We hope that Empired Convergence has given you the inspiration and information you need to up the ante — or get started — on your organisation's digital transformation journey.

It’s an exciting – and sometimes daunting – time in the world of technology-enabled business transformation right now. Opportunities and options are abundant and ‘digital’ encompasses absolutely everything we do. And in a fast-paced, ever-changing, always-on world, digital transformation has fast become a leading (if not the leading) organisational imperative.
Every day, by virtue of what we do, we have the privilege of seeing digital transformation in action around us – examples of our clients tackling new frontiers, breaking boundaries or breaking the mould, finding new solutions for new (and old) problems and questioning the status quo, even when it’s hard, or new, or even utterly terrifying.
These organisations do all of this in the name of doing things better and faster for their customers, their people, their citizens or constituents. In the name of doing better business, all round, on all fronts.
We will continue to populate this page with useful resources to help you on your journey and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of this with you in person. 

Empired Convergence highlights ebook

In this ebook you'll find the perfect pre-Christmas-sized digital transformation digest: Convergence's best bits, soundbites, highlights, photos and... perhaps most interesting of all – what you told us about your digital transformation journeys (in infographics). A very interesting snapshot indeed!

Empired Convergence attendees survey dashboard

We asked Convergence attendees in eight cities across Australia and New Zealand about their Digital Transformation journey. The resulting Power BI Dashboard is embedded below.
You can drill down the information by clicking on any item to filter the dashboard by that piece of data. You can open this dashboard on a new tab by clicking the icon on the bottom right.

Empired Convergence slide decks

digital transformation

Why Convergence

Bringing your people on the change journey

Bringing your people on the change journey

Business transformation across the enterprise

Business Transformation Across the Enterprise

Unleashing the power of the platform

Unleashing The Power of the Platform

The modern digital workplace

The Modern Digital Workplace

Data as your most strategic asset

Data as your Most Strategic Asset

Keeping pace, staying safe in the digital world

Keeping Pace, Staying Safe in the Digital World

Transforming your customer experience

Transforming your customer experience

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Customer and Member Analytics

As a marketer, you have access to more data about your customers and members than ever before: from their online behaviour, to their broader online purchasing habits and their interactions on social media.
Knowing how your customers buy, when they buy, how much they buy and what they're likely to buy next can be the difference between increasing wallet share and improving advocacy - or losing a client forever.
However, for many marketers all of this data can be overwhelming. Many are drowning in a sea of information and struggling to pull out meaningful insights.
Without the rights analytics solution in place, data can simply add a layer of complexity and confusion rather than value.

Connected Field Services

To function as efficiently and profitably as possible, your operation needs to work seamlessly and flawlessly - often around the clock.
However, 24/7 maintenance can be both time-consuming and costly, especially if you're relying on a break-fix model that can also mean potentially significant downtime.
With a Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution you can function in a far more productive and predictive way. By using connected sensor devices you can track the performance of both individual assets and your overall operation. And thanks to continuous monitoring, anomalies can be quickly and easily identified, enabling automated and/or preventive maintenance. This means you can react faster to issues as they arise, prevent issues from occurring and/or reoccurring and accurately anticipate future issues. Armed with greater visibility across your operation and rich information about your operational performance you can also make better decisions and avoid unforeseen and costly distractions.
When you choose a Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution you also have the peace of mind that all your data will stay within Australia, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily - especially if you are already using Microsoft products within your operation. Plus your solution can be rolled out in stages based on the capabilities of your internal team.

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