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User Secure Score

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Dramatically improve cyber security

Here’s how to prevent serious workplace incidents due to human error. One of the most damaging incidents that can occur within a modern organisation probably won’t occur in the physical workplace. It will most likely happen in a loungeroom, café or airport lounge. It’s user-error induced Cybercrime.

A lost, unattended or misused laptop or phone can quickly escalate into a situation where bad actors are selling your data to competitors, holding you to ransom or even logging on to start interfering with your operations.


Human error causes 84% of all security breaches

The question is not ‘How do I stop hackers getting into staff devices?’

The question really should be ‘How do I train my staff to treat their devices like they’re the keys to the company safe?' And the answer is not more education or training. Some ‘security awareness’ programs are like running a school with no exams. You may be delivering the training, but you have no way of telling if it is being understood, much less whether it is being acted upon. You certainly can’t tell if your risk profile is decreasing.


Human error causes 93% of security incidents

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A security dashboard that monitors –
and improves – user behaviour

Empired’s User Secure Score provides real-time views of individual users’ security behaviours, including scores, ranking and suggestions for improvement. So you can move beyond the theory of education and take control with real behavioural change, right across the entire spectrum of your operations, across roles, environments and geographies.


Hacking has skyrocketed in the last two years 

Over 50% of the hacking attempts are malicious in their intent. Many industry sectors are impacted, and none are immune. If your business has an online component, hackers will consider it a target. Darren Christophersen explains how we can help you add an extra layer to your security measures, with the User Secure Score. Adding a protective layer for your employees, ensuring they don’t unintentionally create a security risk.

The real problem with cyber security training for staff of all levels

One of the most unexpected incidents that can occur within a organisation probably won’t occur on a site, a office or a plant.

Most serious workplace incidents are due to human error. Here’s how to monitor and change risky behaviour.

Help every individual protect your organisation

By implementing the User Secure Score alongside Microsoft Teams, your organisation can be made aware of the impact their actions can have on keeping malicious attacks at bay.

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