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How we help


Transform your operations and applications to the cloud.

Cloud migration services

Improve your organisation's access, scalability and capability.

The cloud delivers great cost savings, unprecedented flexibility and technology innovation. It allows you to transform your operations and applications to be consumed securely by anyone, anywhere. 

Whether you're working on old, outdated infrastructure which is restricting your capability and growth, or you need to move from a capex to opex financial model, or there’s a demand to deliver better, more modern customer experiences… Whatever the reason, it’s not as straightforward as lifting and shifting your operations to the cloud or simply moving your data centre.

With any change in business operations, being able to scale is essential – and a cloud-enabled business can do just that. 

Cloud delivers a quick return on investment, reducing spend in terms of hardware and software overheads. And while we don’t like to think about disasters, having a cloud environment reduces disaster recovery time considerably, with applications and operations up and running quickly and easily. Increased security, robust risk mitigation and agility are other key benefits.

With our expertise in development services and our deep understanding of Microsoft’s technologies, we’re uniquely placed to help you guide your organisation through your many cloud options and build your strategy.

How we bring it to life

How we bring it to life

Migrating to the cloud can deliver fundamental technology benefits that help your enterprise execute multiple business strategies. By using cloud-based approaches, you'll improve business agility, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and enable expansion into new markets. 

Our Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure migrations is a proven methodology to migrate and modernise workloads, removing risk and complexity of cloud migrations.

The CAF provides a set of tools, guidance, and narratives to shape the technology, business, and people strategies. Our framework aims to get the best business outcomes during cloud adoption programs.

The Cloud Adoption Framework is a full lifecycle framework that supports our customers throughout each phase of adoption.  And helps align strategies for business, culture, and technical change to achieve their desired business outcomes. Our CAF provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Strategy: Define business justification and expected outcomes of adoption.
  • Plan: Align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes.
  • Ready: Prepare the cloud environment for the planned changes.
  • Migrate: Migrate and modernise existing workloads.
  • Innovate: Develop new cloud-native or hybrid solutions.
  • Governance: Automation and policy enforcement of the environment and workloads.
  • Manage: Operations management for cloud and hybrid solutions using DevOps.
  • Organise: Align the teams and roles supporting your organisation's cloud adoption efforts.

Our approach supports our customers’ long-term strategic goals in their cloud journey. No matter if you are considering a comprehensive hybrid and multi cloud effort or perhaps preparing for Kubernetes and container integration into your cloud strategy, or designing a cloud adoption journey for a retail business. Whatever the desired outcome is, we have updated guidance for all of these scenarios and more.

We also offer simple rehost migrations (also called lift-and-shift migrations) using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities that don't require code and application changes, through to refactoring with minimal changes, to rearchitecting to modify and extend code and application functionality to take advantage of cloud technologies, our team can manage the full lifecycle of your workload migration.

We provide cloud-native strategies and platform as a service (PaaS) strategies to rebuild on-premises workloads using Azure platform offerings and managed services. Workloads that have equivalent fully managed software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based offerings can often be fully replaced by these services as part of the migration process.

Clous service establishment

Cloud service establishment

Our Cloud Establishment service creates the Microsoft Azure landing zone, the foundational first step in your journey to the cloud and Azure Managed Services. Azure Establishment is based on structured designs, creating the blueprint for your cloud success. Organisations starting out on or part-way into their journey to Azure may have difficulty getting up to speed with the networking, security, design architecture, and ongoing management options. Azure Establishment speeds up deployments by deploying standards and best practice solutions.

We will create a landing zone using Azure DevOps to host the workloads that you plan to build in or migrate to the cloud. The Azure landing zones consider all platform resources that are required to support the customer's application portfolio and accounts for scale, security governance, networking, identity and do not differentiate between infrastructure as a service or platform as a service.

We will work with you to develop and establish the service and operational management processes and artefacts required to establish end-to-end service delivery processes to complement the landing zones. Our service establishment process creates an operational procedures manual which sets the basis for us to assist with your business services catalogue.

Once completed, the service operational management components can be designed, built and continuously reviewed, setting the foundations for how we deliver ongoing managed services to you.

Azure migration services

Azure migration services

Through our established Azure Expert MSP business, we provide a perfect combination of the best technology, our expertise and a proven, audited migration methodology to get you to the Microsoft Azure cloud, providing a leading Azure managed service to maintain, optimise and continuously enhance your environments.

Our Azure Migration methodology that governs migration sprints, fits within migration waves or releases. Which are defined using the Plan, Ready, and Adopt methodologies. Within each migration sprint, a batch of workloads is migrated to the cloud. Our Azure Migration services include lift and shift or rehost as well as the modernisation of specific assets within each workload. The service includes workload assessments for technical fit, cost and billing, migration approach, optimisation and modernisation or cloud innovation.

Select the right migration strategy

Select the right migration strategy

One size never fits all. Take time to think about the strategy for your cloud migration for each workload.

With our Azure cloud migration services, we consider the correct approach, whether that's refactoring, rearchitecting, re-hosting or re-platforming your current legacy workloads.

Using environment assessment tooling, we understand the opportunities and risks associated with your migration journey.

Deploy cloud desktops

Deploy cloud desktops

Desktop deployment can create a drain on IT resources and can prevent IT from meeting the rest of the organisation's demands.

Our desktop deployment service enables you to deploy Microsoft technology across your enterprise, leveraging Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop to create immediate desktop scale for your remote users – all with the control needed to maintain integrity and compliance.

Azure Managed Services

Azure Managed Services

Our Azure Managed Services leverage extensive expert Azure MSP Expert skills, strong monitoring and management tools and innovative security solutions. This provides a fully managed, efficient and proactive outsourced cloud management experience for our customers.

 As an Azure Expert MSP, we securely operate business-critical customer facing applications, data environments and backend Azure infrastructure. We also help customers manage and optimize their Azure spend. We invest and innovate continuously in our Cloud Management Platform, built on Microsoft Lighthouse, DevOps and other Azure services, to provide our customers with the benefit of our IP.

Our Azure Managed Services have three tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold) to provide our customers with the options of:

  • Bronze: Exclusive option available for CSP customers requiring basic monitoring and alerting for IaaS and PaaS, integrated into ITSM toolset with self-service customer portal.
  • Silver: Basic IaaS and PaaS monitoring and alerting for non-CSP customers, integrated into ITSM toolset with self-service customer portal.
  • Gold: Full SLA backed manage service with custom reporting, dashboards and ITSM integration with a dedicated account team.

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