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Modern software consumption solutions.

Cloud licensing and procurement

Reduce hardware and software procurement costs and software management requirements through modern needs-based licensing.

Irrespective of your industry, market dynamics are changing rapidly. To create a business model that can adapt swiftly to these changes – allowing flexibility as your software and hardware requirements increase or decrease – calls for a different approach.

As your business changes, so must your cost base in order to maintain operational and financial efficiencies. Software is no different to other parts of your business. You wouldn't expect your business to purchase stock upfront only for it to sit in warehouses delivering no return on your investment. The same applies to software.

If you feel your licensing is a complex web of mystery, you probably don't have complete control over the software you need to operate your business.

It used to be simple: buy the product, install the product, use the product. This approach allowed no flex. Your business remained encumbered with the upfront 'guesstimates' of people you might need to licence, resulting in shortfalls and overages.

Shifting from an upfront procurement model to a monthly consumption model requires careful planning, to ensure you get the best value from your investment and that you are not having to engage multiple partners to get the fully supported outcome you need.

How we bring it to life

How we bring it to life

Do you need your software licensing to adapt based on business requirements? Do you want to avoid guessing user requirements for large-scale upfront commitments?

Many licensing organisations focus on selling you a licence. We focus on delivering a fully managed and optimised solution to your business needs.

What does this mean? Think of it as a simple, consolidated bill of everything you need to make your solution deliver continuous incremental value for your organisation. Connecting the solution outcome with the software procurement process ensures you get it right first time, efficiently, with
no surprises.

Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme is a modern software consumption-based licensing programme enabling us to deliver an ongoing all-encompassing managed outcome for our customers. As a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, our innovative full-service offerings are all embedded with efficient, adaptive and flexible licensing. With CSP, we provide licensing models for all Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

With cloud consumption-based software solutions, managing the lifecycle of your software estate presents a significant opportunity to deliver efficiencies within your business.

Modern cloud licensing advice

Modern cloud licensing advice

Whether you are transitioning from on-premise, or purchasing new cloud licences, our team will provide agreement agnostic advice. We will help you build a cost-optimised licensing model that fits your requirements.

Our solution-specific specialists ensure that the advice you receive is tailored to your needs.

Procure modern licensing

Procure modern licensing

The costs of your software should reflect your organisation's consumption of the solution. We help you avoid being stuck with unused, unproductive software assets and relieve the pain of software licensing. No more having to manage multiple vendors and renewal dates.

With flexible billing options, we can consolidate your Microsoft cloud licences onto a single monthly bill based on the actual licences you need each month. We give you the flexibility to optimise your spending by adjusting your licence quantities as your business requirements and user counts change.

Get the right device

Get the right device

To create the right experiences, it's important to select and procure the right device, whether that's a Surface Hub or a personal communications solutions from Polycom.

Our hardware procurement team help source hardware solutions from a variety of partners, with our technical teams and solution architects helping to advise you on the appropriate solutions for your projects.

Get the right device

Manage EA to CSP migration

As customers better understand the value of 'needs-based' licensing, many are looking at switching from their legacy licensing agreements, such as Enterprise Agreements (EA), to agile, consumption-based licensing models.

With our proven approach, we manage this transition process seamlessly, giving you more control over your future costs and enabling you to swiftly adapt to changing business environments.

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