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Woods Bagot needed to operate as one connected organisation, moving to a modern workplace became an integral part of their business strategy.

Project Snapshot

Woods Bagot

Melbourne, Australia

Construction & Property

Project Challenges

Ageing technology needing a refresh. High maintenance costs, lack of collaboration features.

The Solution

Proposed a robust and best-practice toolset in O365. Delivered an engaging, intuitive and useful solution with a new benchmark for communication, knowledge management and collaboration.


Employee communication, knowledge management and collaboration easy, integrated, targeted and relevant. All data across the organisation incorporated into the new portal.

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The opportunity

The opportunity

Woods Bagot’s legacy intranet was a key tool in managing communication and knowledge retention and whilst it had been a successful platform to store and share information and knowledge, it was accepted that it was hosted on ageing technology which needed a refresh. With the advent of Microsoft Office 365 (O365), Woods Bagot saw a golden opportunity to not just strip back and remove some of the maintenance costs they were incurring but to also look at some of the threshold changes 

that can be achieved through the introduction of better and more modern collaborative features built into the O365 toolset. 

In the words of Tom Leyden, Woods Bagot Global Leader – Information Technology: “Overall we were after an intranet that could underpin our stance as a leading global design firm – showcasing our work, inspiring our designers while providing trusted and useful reference data”. 


The result

In moving to O365, Woods Bagot has an advanced engagement portal for its employees, built in a way that redefines how Woods Bagot communicates and shares knowledge. By taking the conversation to Woods Bagot’s UX designers to achieve an engaging platform, Tom Leydon was able to implement UX design in a design driven workplace. They now have a visually improved front page with a focus on news, essential information and feeds from their design platform, trusted sector pages to consolidate key sector information such as exemplar bids and templates. The new project area where employees can leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI gives them the ability to see the progress of certain projects.

By integrating the external systems that Woods Bagot developed inhouse they are also able to incorporate all data across the 

organisation into the new portal. This is great from a search perspective, with Delve and back-end integration making a seamless experience for employees. 

Woods Bagot is utilising most of the O365 suite of features, predominantly Delve and search, OneDrive for business and Skype, all of which complete one of their main goals of making employee communication easy. The SNAP portal allows the creation of virtual communities to share ideas and information and connect with one another in ways which would not be possible in person considering their different geographical locations. The portal provides a complete, end-to-end user experience with the greatest gain being end to end collaboration, having one place for everything, with a dashboard for all projects and the latest up to date feeds from all systems, all in one place. 

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