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RAC needed to automate the process of receiving emails about insurance claims and entering them into the claims system.

Project Snapshot

Perth, Australia

Other Sectors

Project Challenges

Time-consuming manual process for processing emails. Need to identify claims numbers from inbound emails and align with in-house systems. Customer experience suffering.

The Solution

With logic and rules, created a system to automatically match claim numbers in emails to the system. Solution can be used across other channels as
RAC expands.


Reduced manual cataloguing of emails from 100% to 10%. Savings of $320,000 operational expenses in first year of implementation Staff able to focus efforts on customer service.

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Empired helps RAC streamline insurance claims and deliver better member service

The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) needed to automate the process of receiving emails about insurance claims and entering them into the claims system. They chose Empired to develop a solution, which allowed three administrative staff to redirect their efforts to focus on serving their members.

About RAC

RAC was founded in 1905 by a group of motoring enthusiasts and now have over a million members. Its original purpose was to create road maps and signage for road safety. Now, RAC provides direct insurance, roadside assistance, travel services, holiday parks, financial services, home security services and car servicing.

Manual processes took too much time

RAC receives up to 1,000 emails a week from members, third-party insurers, and suppliers, all of which need to be sorted. Administrative staff had to review each email to find a claim number, then manually saved the email into RAC’s core system for someone else to action. Up to seven staff members had to do this manual work every day. RAC wanted these employees to be answering member calls rather than completing repetitive administrative tasks, and they wanted to be able to offer their employees more engaging and rewarding work.


This burden was likely to continue to increase as RAC continued to grow. The organisation needed to control this and find a way to automate the process, in order to better serve their members with faster response times.


Automated solution delivers time savings 

RAC was already working with Empired on other projects anddecided to engage Empired to find a solution.

Kylie Zatella, Iteration Manager/Agile Coach, Insurance, RAC, said, “We had been working with Empired for a couple of years so we knew they had the capability to help automate this process. The main task was to find a way to identify claims numbers from inbound emails and attach these to the in-house, core system for claims management.

“Empired created a system that would automatically match claim numbers from emails to those in the system, as well as categorise the emails by sender and attachment.”


Automating the categorisation of this information let RAC more effectively determine which staff member should handle the enquiry, and how. The variability of inbound emails is huge and the solution needed to be tweaked constantly according to sample sets. Logic and rules formed the bulk of the solution, which Empired created using TIBCO software.

RAC chose the solution because it offered the best pattern-matching fuzzy logic to identify claim numbers and document types. The solution could also be used across other channels in the future, positioning RAC to expand as the need arises. And, RAC already had the enterprise service bus (ESB) in its architecture, making the integration simple.

“While the development of the solution was challenging at times, we worked closely together and solved each challenge as it happened."

— Kylie Zatella, Iteration Manager/Agile Coach, Insurance, RAC

RAC achieves significant ROI

Empired’s solution has reduced RAC’s manual cataloguing from 100 per cent to just 10 per cent. Manual cataloguing now only happens when claim numbers aren’t found. Furthermore, the overall solution delivered has saved seven seconds per email opened from the insurance system and three minutes per email received by reducing the manual cataloguing requirements.

This translates to a saving of $320,000 for the first year of implementation in operational expenses.

Kylie Davis said, “One week after going live in April 2016, there was a spike in inbound claims emails due to a major thunderstorm, which affected our insurance systems. We managed to achieve outstanding results with the Empired solution. Importantly, RAC didn’t make any staff members redundant. Instead, we were able to redeploy people away from those boring, mundane tasks towards helping members on the phone. This has made their jobs more enjoyable and rewarding, while also contributing to a better service for our members.

Working with Empired

Because RAC already had a strong working relationship with Empired, the implementation process went smoothly.

Kylie Zatella said, “It felt like our Empired consultant worked for RAC: he worked in the office with us every day like every other team member. He shared our experiences and was professional and easy to work with. This made the project run really smoothly and deliver great results.

“While the development of the solution was challenging at times, we worked closely together and solved each challenge as it happened. Empired’s work was outstanding.”