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Requirement was for agile, robust and reliable IT capabilities, guaranteeing system availability and uptime for users.

Project Snapshot


Sydney, Australia

Resources, Energy, Gas

Project Challenges

Key infrastructure in one location - any disruption immediately affected every other office. On-premise solution was dated, unreliable and heavily customised.

The Solution

Proof of concept delivered and accepted, then full and smooth transition to Azure platform. Implemented, tested and operational quickly.


Increased reliability and availability. All sites have access to business information on demand. Better connectivity and improved app performance.

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"The Empired team can actually do what it says it can do, with all the knowledge and power it needs in house. The team was always generous with advice and assistance, which really helped on this journey because the PYBAR team was very lean and needed to rely on Empired.

— Troy Grey, ICT Superintendent, PYBAR


Redundancy and connectivity were vastly improved 

The PYBAR team in charge of the Azure migration was very lean, so it required significant support from Empired to manage the implementation process. The Empired team worked seamlessly with PYBAR to get the Azure solution up and running. 

Troy Grey said, “All the Empired team members on this project were very responsive and knowledgeable so, when the Azure solution was implemented and tested, it just worked. The team overcame a lot of hurdles in a short space of time, and the result was a smooth transition to Azure for PYBAR.” 

Once the Azure platform was up and running, the key benefit for PYBAR  was  increased  reliability  and  availability.  Rather  than using the business’s head office as its central IT hub, Azure has taken on that role. That means head office operates the same way as any other office, with all locations dialling into Azure. 

Furthermore, giving all other sites access to the business apps they needed via the cloud overcame low connectivity issues that had been experienced by remote sites. Better connectivity has resulted in improved app performance, making life easier for PYBAR employees across the country. 


Troy Grey said, “All IT is still in a central location, which was important for consistency, but now it doesn’t matter if there’s a minor power outage or a major issue in Orange; all offices can remain up and running. PYBAR can now safely guarantee a high availability of its systems to both metro offices and remote mining operations. Since moving to Azure, Orange has already had one power outage and the rest of the business was able to carry on as usual without interruption. 

“An important benefit of this project is that PYBAR now has flexibility to spin up servers and shut them down, expand or remove performance as required, and guarantee redundancy. As part of this project, the team cleaned up PYBAR’s SQL infrastructure, making it more stable and secure.” 

Now that PYBAR has standardised on Azure, the business will be able to move more apps into the cloud in the future. 

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