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MinterEllison moves to Azure securely

Empired developed the architecture to support a more client-centric website.

Project Snapshot


Melbourne, Australia

Other Sectors

Project Challenges

Software coming to end of life.

The Solution

Upgrade and migrate to Azure.


Increased platform visibility, improved efficiency, and minor patching.

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Migrating Sitecore to Azure

MinterEllison powers its website using Sitecore. The firm’s current version was approaching end-of-life, and migrating Sitecore away from AWS to Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) was part of the upgrade.

MinterEllison needed to determine the appropriate path to Azure while ensuring the Sitecore environment would be supportable in the long term. It was essential to map a strategic path to Azure that would prepare the firm for its future use of Azure cloud, instead of taking a tactical, short-term approach.

Paul Harmat, solution architect, MinterEllison, said, “We first had to build a foundational Azure environment, prior to building the required Sitecore environments, before handing these over to our digital agency. We needed to: upgrade our site; remediate issues; move to a new hosted secure web gateway; and then go live. The biggest challenge was to complete everything in a short timeframe of three months.”

Migrating Sitecore to Azure

“In a project as important as this, quality is key. Empired had done a great job on a previous infrastructure project for the firm. It was clear the Empired team understood both sides of the business/technology coin. The firm was very confident that Empired would meet our requirements.”

— Paul Harmat, Solution Architect, MinterEllison

Improved visibility and efficiency with less patching

After successfully upgrading to the latest Sitecore version and migrating to Azure, MinterEllison has started seeing benefits such as improved technology visibility, improved efficiency, and reduced environment administration such as patching.

Paul Harmat said, “The level of visibility that we now have over all deployed resources is exceptional and allows a much-needed level of transparency.

“Overall efficiency has also improved. Before, even relatively minor site changes took the digital agency a full day to complete due to the manual nature of code deployment."

“Now, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the time of deployment cycles and have minimised potential issues involved in rollback. These factors are important as we work to make the site more functional for clients; there won’t be as much stress around testing and downtime.

“This migration to a PaaS deployment has resolved many of the architectural challenges we faced in a standard server deployment. The due diligence that Empired invested in meeting all aspects of our security posture has resulted in a vastly improved and secure Sitecore installation.”

MinterEllison’s future plans include pursuing a cloud-first strategy with more vigour, looking more broadly at leveraging Azure. With an up-todate Sitecore platform built on top of a scalable Azure foundation, the firm can now look at adding more client-centric functionality.

Paul Harmat said, “Having a managed service agreement in place with Empired is terrific. As urgent needs pop up, we can engage
immediately with Empired as a trusted partner. We made the targeted go-live date for this project right to the day. It was a magic engagement and wouldn’t have been possible without the great collaboration of all of our partners.”

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