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icebreaker reimagines IT services

Project Snapshot


Auckland, New Zealand

Other Sectors

Project Challenges

Seven vendors across multiple time zones was time consuming

The Solution

Aggregating all services to a local strategic partner


Single source of truth with one vendor providing all support at a lower cost

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After years of technology sprawl, it was time to consolidate

After years of technology sprawl, it was time to consolidate

Nicola Spurdle, Senior IT Manager, Digital and Technology, icebreaker, said, “One of the biggest technological challenges icebreaker faced was that we wanted to move faster and innovate more. We saw a way to achieve this by aggregating our services to a local, strategic partner that would integrate into our business and help drive our digital agenda end-to-end.”

With seven incumbent infrastructure vendors, icebreaker faced daily delivery complexity and engagements tended to be siloed and transactional.

Nicola said, “icebreaker wanted to spend less time reactively 

managing seven vendors across many time zones.

Having multiple vendors also meant our security and operational insights were fragmented. We wanted a single source of truth so we could look across our environment and better understand our current state and future opportunity.”

With a complex operating model and no single source of truth, icebreaker moved to consolidate its relationships and appoint a single managed service provider (MSP) to engage as a strategic partner. This would lower costs, simplify the operating model and support icebreaker’s future focused agenda.

"Aggregating seven vendors into a single partner saved hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This has helped overall business profitability while also enabling us to drive an increased focus on improvement and innovation”

— Nicola Spurdle, Senior IT Manager, Digital and Technology

Intergen and icebreaker – A trusted partnership

icebreaker had an existing 11-year relationship with Intergen who were already a trusted partner managing the business’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool.

Nicola said, “icebreaker ’s ERP solution is critical to the business and the team had already seen the value of Intergen support. Intergen’s Azure Expert MSP status and strategic partnership with Microsoft was also extremely important, especially given that icebreaker ’s full infrastructure stack sits in Azure. Intergen

offered exactly what icebreaker needed in terms of simplification for everything from ERP to infrastructure and security.”

Intergen worked with icebreaker to design the services and map out a transition roadmap. Nicola said, “The transition was absolutely seamless with no disruption to the business. Intergen ensured that icebreaker avoided unnecessary costs and worked closely with the incumbent vendors to manage a streamlined switchover to an Intergen managed service.”

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