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Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution

To function as efficiently and profitably as possible, your operation needs to work seamlessly and flawlessly - often around the clock.

However, 24/7 maintenance can be both time-consuming and costly, especially if you're relying on a break-fix model that can also mean potentially significant downtime.

With a Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution you can function in a far more productive and predictive way. By using connected sensor devices you can track the performance of both individual assets and your overall operation. And thanks to continuous monitoring, anomalies can be quickly and easily identified, enabling automated and/or preventive maintenance. This means you can react faster to issues as they arise, prevent issues from occurring and/or reoccurring and accurately anticipate future issues. Armed with greater visibility across your operation and rich information about your operational performance you can also make better decisions and avoid unforeseen and costly distractions.

When you choose a Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution you also have the peace of mind that all your data will stay within Australia, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily - especially if you are already using Microsoft products within your operation. Plus your solution can be rolled out in stages based on the capabilities of your internal team.

Case study

How Rolls-Royce streamlined its operation

Rolls-Royce has over 13,000 engines for commercial aircraft in service around the world and for the last 20 years has offered customers comprehensive engine maintenance services that help keep aircraft available and efficient.

As the rapidly increasing volume of data coming from many different types of aircraft equipment overtakes the airlines' ability to analyse and take insight from it, Rolls-Royce is using the Microsoft Azure platform to fundamentally transform how it uses data to better serve its customers.

Insights for MiningInsights for Mining

Data is playing an increasingly important role in mining. Today, mine and plant operators rely on a raft of technology solutions to monitor performance and output, and maximise efficiency. However, unless you have centralised technology in place, there's no way for all your disparate technology solutions to communicate. This can mean it's difficult to take proactive and appropriate action to minimise trouble spots. Plus, if you're still manually monitoring remote equipment and assets, the process can be costly difficult and prone to error.

With a Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution, however, you can bring everything together - monitoring your entire operation using a network of connected devices, from a single screen. Thanks to its machine learning capabilities, your Microsoft solution will also evolve and adapt over time, based on your unique assets and equipment, processes and performance meaning you gain highly targeted insights that are specifically relevant to your operation.

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Insights for Manufacturing

As a manufacturer there are countless points along the supply chain - and within your own manufacturing facility - that require constant monitoring. Even small issues can very quickly escalate and result in very costly downtime.

Without centralised insights it can be difficult to troubleshoot and rectify issues before they become larger ones. With a Microsoft Connected Field Service Solution, however, you can bring all of your various technology platforms together and make smarter, more accurate decisions based on the insight you need.

Plus, thanks to machine learning, your technology can also evolve and adapt over time - meaning the insights you gain are even more valuable and specifically relevant to your operation.

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Why choose Empired?

Empired is a Microsoft partner and a solutions expert, with an unrivalled pedigree in the Australian resources sector. We are the largest Microsoft provider in the Asia Pacific and in 2016 were Microsoft Partner of the Year for Analytics - the only Microsoft Partner to have credible and large scale Internet of Things and field service capabilities.

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