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Get the most out of your data

Data is the lifeblood of modern business

Data is the lifeblood of modern business

Volumes of data are increasing exponentially and your organisation’s ability to make sense of this data is more important than ever. We help you to understand the value of your existing data and then work with you to get the most from it. Our dedicated team of specialists works with you to develop a strategy to unlock the value of your information and gain greater insight, using the latest technologies available from Microsoft and other leading providers.

Many organisations fail to make the most of the data they generate and are missing the potential to gain a competitive advantage as a result.

Your data shouldn’t be a burden. It should unlock insights that empower you to make better business decisions. We can help you put the technology and processes in place to best utilise your valuable data, better understand your business and your customers, and make better decisions now and in the future.

Empired’s Data Detective service will help you to understand your data assets so you can use them to support your business goals. Our Data & Analytics Strategy service allows you to formulate an enterprise-wide data strategy across people, processes, data and technology, with a corresponding practical action plan to ensure success.


Microsoft Partner Gold Data Analytics

Helping clients make data-driven decisions is what we do best.

We are one of the largest and longest-serving dedicated providers of Microsoft-based solutions, working exclusively with Microsoft technologies.
As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with numerous Gold and Silver level competencies, and as a regular winner of Microsoft Partner Awards, we are proud of and stand by our reputation. We employ some of the greatest Microsoft experts around.
We work closely with Microsoft – both locally and globally – on the latest technologies, often well before these are unveiled to the wider world. And finally, we’ve delivered hundreds of successful Microsoft-based projects for national and international organisations of all sizes and types.
On top of having a Microsoft Gold competency in Data Analytics, Empired is also member of the exclusive Microsoft Inner Circle Programme for Artificial Intelligence.

Data Detective

How data-savvy is your organisation?  Are you managing your data as an asset with quality control and are you able to access it when you need it?  Do you know what data assets exist in your organisation and what they can do for you?  What are your most critical KPIs and where does the data come from?

Power BI Training

Empower your business users by mastering the essential Power BI skills to make use of your data and build compelling and interactive reports. No matter what your skillset is, our range of hands-on training is designed for users with no experience to more advanced developers.

Jumpstart Power BI

Power BI empowers your users to get a 360-degree view of your organisation. Take the first step in your Power BI journey to become a data-driven organisation and unlock valuable and actionable insights from your data.

Data Strategy

Data is a strategic asset, which can be used to create value and drive better decision-making for all the employees of an organisation. Data strategy will help deliver long-term business value.

Data Platform Assessment

The Data Platform Assessment can help identify situations where meeting ad hoc business reporting needs requires the addition of new data sources into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Try our Microsoft Power BI demos

Microsoft Power BI is your go-to for presenting everything from high-level KPIs and organisation-wide metrics and charts; to personalised views of transactional system data; to real-time streaming and telemetry; to notifications and alerts of breached thresholds and important milestones.

Using data from your organisation together with an ever-increasing set of cloud-based solutions and services, you can quickly assemble a comprehensive picture of your organisation’s landscape in unison with surrounding influences (and influencers). More than ever before you can identify, measure and even predict the impact of external factors on your business.

It also provides a rich set of data modelling and profiling tools to enable rapid assembly and understanding of data, as a basis for evaluating trends and correlations, and assessing where to best apply your efforts for further analysis and insight.

Utilising the power of the cloud, this technology allows you to share organisational discoveries and collaborate with business partners in intuitive ways. Power BI gives you the ability to have consistent analysis across your organisation on the device of your choice anywhere anytime.

These demos are inspired by real life situations, exploring data and trends experienced by some of our clients. Follow the links to interact with actual Microsoft Power BI dashboards and see how easy it is to explore and extract data insights using dashboards.


Wine Shipments & Sales

The Wine Shipments & Sales Analysis Solution enables executives and senior management of a wine distribution company to get insights on their shipment and wine tasting event performance, so they can make faster and more accurate decisions to improve their business processes and future sales.

Enterprise Performance

The Enterprise Performance Analytics Solution Dashboards enable executives to oversee financial and operational performance in comprehensive and interactive visualisations.

Vehicle Rental

The Vehicle Rental Industry Dashboard Solution enables rental company executives to identify opportunities so that they can optimise their resources. Additionally, these can be used by operational staff to deliver superior customer service using real-time information.


Analytics on Microsoft CRM that show how your sales team is tracking now and providing insights on where you need to focus to exceed your targets.

Project Server Analytics

Project Server Analytics monitors the progress of your projects, identifying major risks and issues, helping to achieve timeliness and defect-free delivery.

#datareimagine stories from our customers

We believe in building a partnership that helps your own team utilise data with the expertise of our data team. From designing and building modern data warehouses, to establishing enterprise reporting solutions, and creating insightful Power BI dashboards, we’re here to help!

By leveraging core Microsoft platforms including Azure, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and Office 365, Empired can assist you to make business analytics the powerhouse of your business. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, we can make sure that every click on your website, every checkout transaction, every move through your supply chain, yields meaningful information that you can act on.

The case studies below tell us success stories from clients who started the data and AI journey.

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