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Maintaining secure, continuous access to knowledge assets is critical for the ongoing prosperity of our businesses.  The majority of organisations are designed for a physically connected workforce, where decision support systems are dependent on people physically working with one another.

Today is different. Physical checks and balances have been replaced with hastily established remote alternatives. Securing remote access to your business knowledge assets and systems is a priority.

Secure Business is focused on addressing these challenges and building business system architecture that can adapt to the new paradigm.

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Securing the new remote workforce

As organisations around the world face a pandemic, businesses are quickly focusing on how to overcome serious challenges. One of these is how to enable a significant portion, if not all, of our workforce to work securely from home. Keeping people safe is at the forefront of this process. Organisations also want to keep their business and sensitive data secure at the same time. We are here to help you get a better understanding of all the security risks and learn the steps to prevent unnecessary risk.

Watch the recording (and download the slides) to hear some of our insights, experience and customer stories, addressing some of your queries and concerns.


Using Zoom? You've bought some time, use it wisely

Using Zoom? You've bought some time, use it wisely

If you’re a business that cares about security or has regulatory privacy obligations (are we all still here?), this message is for you: using Zoom has bought you some time, but do not stop there. You need to move quickly toward something that will support your security and privacy requirements and provide the essential foundation for collaboration and productivity.

Securing the newly remote workforce

Securing the newly remote workforce

It’s all well and good to be remote working but having a lot of people suddenly working from outside the office network presents a new set of security issues - not the least of which is the fact that our people are no longer “within the security perimeter”.

Remote work with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop as part of your COVID-19 response plan

Remote work with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop as part of your COVID-19 response plan

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have been considering how we could respond to a worst-case scenario where a team member is diagnosed with the virus, or company and government decisions result in a significant number of people unable to attend office. How can your organisation be prepared for these events?


Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Many organisations are considering remote work as a way to respond to a worst-case scenario where a company or government decision result in a significant number of people unable to work from their office. 

Empired has developed this rapid-start offer to implement a production pilot of Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for up to 50 users.

Visit the Microsoft Marketplace to find out more about this pilot or download the datasheet.

Whitepapers and eBooks

Empower your employees and create a more productive workplace

Empower your employees and create a more productive workplace

Effective collaboration is the key to the success of modern organisations dealing with the accelerating pace of change and an increasingly complicated business environment. But embracing true collaboration requires the right cultural mindset and fit-for-purpose technology.

There is no point introducing new collaboration tools to allow your employees to work where and how they want, if the organisation’s rules remain as rigid as ever.

In this whitepaper we look at the forces driving change in the modern workplace and the journey you can go on to a more collaborative, flexible and secure environment for doing business.

Five key tools that will make your workplace truly modern

Five key tools that will make your workplace truly modern

Demographic, economic and technological changes are transforming the modern workplace. More than ever before, the key to success in business lies in effective collaboration within your organisation and with external partners.

The tools and platforms are now here to allow you to more effectively connect, communicate and collaborate.

But what is the right technology mix for your organisation? How do you smooth the path of adoption of these tools for your employees? Most importantly, how do you create a culture that fosters collaboration, allows flexibility while keeping security front of mind?

Empower your employees and create a more productive workplace. We’ve assembled practical tips and tools and drawn on the experience of our Modern Workplace experts and our own customers to give you insights that will help guide you on your journey to the Modern Workplace.

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Every organisation has been impacted through recent events. Work today feels very different than it did just a few months ago. To make sense of where technology plays a role in Reimagining Work, we need to put plans in place that ensures the safe connectivity of people to your business. 
At Empired, we have helped customers through their business continuity approaches, and continue to share many of these learnings on our #ReimagineWork site. 
Our Ask Empired Anything service connects you directly to our most senior digital advisors and architects who will endeavour to help answer your questions.

External resources to help you #ReimagineWork

Microsoft has put together an extremely helpful resource page with more information on how technology can help your organisation with remote working, education and family, community support and more.

Microsoft has also made available an identity and security model self-assessment tool that will help you determine your organisation's maturity level and suggest specific actions for each different areas - including identities, devices, applications, infrastructure, data and network. Click here and take the identity and security self-assessment now

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