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Today more than ever, we need to know and understand our customer.

Recent events have forced companies to pivot at a pace greater than anyone had imagined possible. Establishing new digital lines of business at speed and maintaining the customer experience is now a necessity rather than a luxury.

Accelerate Digital Engagement is focused on what organisations can do to connect, engage and excite their customer base through technology.

Webinar recordings

Customer Insights: It's time to get personal

During this webinar, Qassem Naim, Head of Data and Tech at FCB NZ (one of the largest global advertising agencies) joined us to discuss how excellent customer experience starts by getting personal. To do this right, it is important to understand how each customer interacts with your business. We then looked at how the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform can help you unify customer data from any touchpoint and personalise the buying experience for each customer through AI-driven insights and recommendations.

Watch the recording (and download the slides)


Where did my customers go, and will they be back?

Where did my customers go, and will they be back?

There is no doubt recent world events have disrupted our lives both domestically and professionally; travel has changed, as have the places we frequent and in many cases the way in which we interact with external parties will never be the same.

Just how intelligent – and personalised – is your content?

Just how intelligent – and personalised – is your content?

We’re all familiar with the marketers’ imperative to get personal, creating one-to-one marketing communications that truly connect with the needs and preferences of our customers and prospective customers. And then there’s the old marketing adage that content is king…

Do we have the tools and the wherewithal to get personal across every digital touchpoint, at scale? And just how well do we know this content king (or queen)?

Doing business in the new weird

Doing business in the new weird

We’ve done what was asked of us and collectively battled an exponential threat. For a number of people, I imagine that this was like untying the knot on an inflated balloon and releasing it. Out the door on a mad and unpredictable exploration we go!

Data literacy: taking a practical approach

Data literacy: taking a practical approach

What if we simplified the approach to data literacy and looked at this emerging trend though a different lens? Let’s try to use a practical approach to data literacy and break down the barriers.

Here are some simple steps and storytelling tools to help build data literacy in your organisation.

Business insights at your fingertips – your path to building an intelligent enterprise

Business insights at your fingertips – your path to building an intelligent enterprise

“Give me the truth. Give me the facts” – says every world leader dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic today. While we are staying home and staying safe, the one thing we are all consuming is information. If you are like any other business leader around the world right now, I can imagine you will be under more pressure than ever to deliver critical insights to the business rapidly. As decision makers of your company or department, how do you make decisions? Are they backed by data in real time?

A marketing insider’s view on how to personalise your customer experience at scale with a customer data platform (CDP)

How to personalise your customer experience at scale

At our Customer Insights: It’s time to get personal webinar (see recording above), we had the pleasure of welcoming Qassem (Q) Naim to our speaker lineup – alongside our own Rowan Miller and Anthony Cipolla. For the benefit of marketers (in particular) who are looking for tips on how to get started to use their data to personalise at scale, we’ve captured the full transcript of Q’s Q&A here.

Nostalgia is a niche business: Thoughts on a new normal (part one)

Thoughts on a new normal (part one)

A digital context for the new normal, a new normal that might drive you in new directions. Three intertwined ideas that might help you to process things or even give you something to disagree with. Knowing where you are or knowing where you are not are both useful things.

Accessing your company data in the new normal: steps to make your business more resilient while gaining access to your data now

Steps to make your business more resilient while gaining access to your data now

As many businesses start to get used to a new normal having overcome their immediate hurdles around working from home, we are starting to see secondary issues emerge. These issues most likely aren’t new but were simply undetected due to most people working from an office environment from within the boundaries of a corporate firewall.

Life After COVID – three key focus areas for Data & AI leaders to consider moving forward

Three key focus areas for Data & AI leaders to consider moving forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major disruption and an impact to most things we know; our daily lives, food shortages, uncertainty in global financial system, loss of productivity across all sectors, shutdowns and isolation, major strain on health system and infrastructure, and saddest of all – loss of lives. As we continue to stay current and up-to-date through monitoring social media, news channels, and chats via mobile interactions, we rely on data to stay up-to-date: information we consume and information we produce.

Discovering opportunity in the difficulty: Using data to uncover opportunities for innovation with Power BI

Using data to uncover opportunities for innovation with Power BI

As the dark cloud of COVID-19 looks sure to loom over business activity for a long while yet, there is one silver lining that should give hope to every organisation – times of crisis breeds innovation. South Sydney microbrewery, One Drop, provides the perfect example – these guys represent the mindset needed to discover and capitalise on opportunity in our current difficulty.

Customer Insights: now is the time to get personal

Customer Insights: now is the time to get personal

The world couldn’t look more different in the space of barely a month. Customer mobility is now severely restricted, trade is almost entirely online, and supply chains are straining under the pressure of unprecedented disruption.

Let’s take a look at how Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can play a role in getting you closer to your customers and surviving new market dynamics.


Now more than ever, creating engaging, personalised content that is contextualised for the customer’s unique needs is paramount to business success.
Our #cxreimagine series has helped our clients redefine how they connect with their customers.

With the increasing prevalence – and critical importance – of digital engagement today, it’s important for us all to understand the pathway to achieving personalisation: this is neatly summarised through our whitepapers below.


Streamline Onboard: Power Platform with 
Power Apps Whitepaper 

Enabling technology for your entire workforce doesn’t always require complex systems to be developed.

Sometimes a simple fit for purpose-built app can make it easier to solve specific day-to-day problems and eliminate pain points.

If you have an “it would be so much easier and quicker if we could just have an app to do this” moment, then Onboard with Power Apps can help you.


Streamline Envision: Power Platform Whitepaper

Understanding how technology can work for your business doesn’t always require specialised skill sets of your people. Sometimes just understanding how low-code to no-code business tools apply to your business can get you the majority of the way there.

If you have heard of the Microsoft Power Platform but are unsure how you can apply it in your business, then Streamline Envision can help you.


Streamline Realise: Power Platform Whitepaper

If you have business users actively creating content on the Power Platform and need a structured way to monitor, manage and control how and what content is created, then our Streamline Realise: Power Platform offering can help you.

The Power Platform, by design, is putting low-code to nocode business tools in the hands of business users. These tools can easily become a challenge to manage in your organisation if kept unchecked.

CX Personalisation Whitepaper

CX Personalisation Whitepaper

The whitepaper Making it Personal: How to Achieve True Personalisation outlines the drivers for personalisation, how to tailor effective personalised communications and reveals the four key pillars that underpin successful personalisation programmes.

These days it is possible to know more than ever before about your customers. But too many businesses fail to make the most of that knowledge, frustrating their customers with generic and irrelevant content, promotions and news.

Once a business understands the customer context it can link personalisation objectives to a clear business outcome. Intergen is helping businesses start out on that journey

Digital Customer Experience Transformation Whitepaper

Digital Customer Experience Transformation Whitepaper

You want to change your Customer Experience... But how do we actually do it? Where do we need to focus? How does technology serve as an enabler? And how do we make sure we’re successful?

With these questions in mind, we’ve pulled together action-oriented advice and practical tools and tips from our people and our customers. We hope these insights will inspire you in your journey towards customer experience transformation.

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External resources to help you #ReimagineWork

Microsoft has put together an extremely helpful resource page with more information on how technology can help your organisation with remote working, education and family, community support and more.

Microsoft has also made available an identity and security model self-assessment tool that will help you determine your organisation's maturity level and suggest specific actions for each different areas - including identities, devices, applications, infrastructure, data and network. Click here and take the identity and security self-assessment now

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