As a marketer, you have access to more data about your customers and members than ever before: from their online behaviour, to their broader online purchasing habits and their interactions on social media.

Knowing how your customers buy, when they buy, how much they buy and what they're likely to buy next can be the difference between increasing wallet share and improving advocacy - or losing a client forever.

However, for many marketers all of this data can be overwhelming. Many are drowning in a sea of information and struggling to pull out meaningful insights.

Without the rights analytics solution in place, data can simply add a layer of complexity and confusion rather than value.



Why choose Empired?

Empired is a Microsoft partner and a solutions expert, with an unrivalled pedigree in the Australian resources sector. We are the largest Microsoft provider in the Asia Pacific and in 2016 were Microsoft Partner of the Year for Analytics - the only Microsoft Partner to have credible and large scale Internet of Things and field service capabilities.

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