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Nintex Approval Form

This solution is awesome, it was provided by Thomas Xu. I think all those using Nintex need to be made aware that this is possible hence the reason why I've written this.

Recently I was designing a Nintex Form and supporting Workflow solution for a client that required a custom Task Approval form (i.e. "Edit Task Form"). The Task Approval form had a requirement to show any attachments provided by the initiator of the form. As I came to find out during testing, Nintex doesn't display the attachments within a Task Approval form when using the attachments field from the custom list.

So below are a few quick dodgy solutions…and then the kickass solution provided by Thomas.

Solution One – Provide a link to the original Nintex Form

Whilst not ideal, another solution could be to include a link to the original form in order to view the attachments (Nintex workflow does this by default). In my case this would defeat the purpose as the idea of creating a custom Task Approval form was to force the Approver/Reviewer to view the content of the form prior to selecting their "outcome".  Therefore including a link to the original form would have shown duplicated information aside from the actual attachments. Not Ideal.

Solution Two – Include Attachments on the email notification

One quite simple solution would be to select the option to include attachments within the Flexi Task action item within Nintex workflow. This will include all attachments within the email notification sent to the Approver/Reviewer of the form.

Solution Three - The Solution!

Step 1 - Set-up a web service to query the list items by ID and get all the attachments. Then query the xml to retrieve the url's of those attachments. 

Step 2 - Use javascript to format multiple attachments in your Nintex task form on form load. Below is a screenshot of the task form settings.

Step 2

Step 3 - Insert a label into the Nintex task form and "Edit Source" to insert the following:

"<div id="listItemAttachments"></div>"

Once I followed these steps all my attachments were visible within the Nintex task form and could be viewed. A perfect solution and one happy customer!

Thanks again to Thomas for providing this solution and hopefully by passing it on someone else saves some time on a future project.

Posted by: Simon Finlay, Consultant, Portals & Productivity Office365 | 17 August 2015


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