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Business insights from the barista

What happens when you combine a data-loving tech company with a barista sponsorship at a marketing leaders’ summit? Beautifully-presented, interactive, Power BI visuals of coffee drinking delegates of course! 

We were keeping curious minds alert last week at the NZ Marketing Leaders’ Summit in Auckland, with a steady supply of quality coffee.

An impressive line-up of national and international speakers covered topics spanning sustainability, culture, market research, technology, data and more. You can get a flavour of the insights they presented in these blog posts from Intergenites Adele Marshall and Richard Brown (or even the whole #datareimagine blog series).

As the barista was grinding the fresh coffee beans and frothing up milk for cappuccinos, we indulged our passion for data. Throughout day 1 of the summit, we collected coffee-related data points from the barista cart.

Barista dashboard

What was the more popular order, flat whites or cappuccinos? How many smiles did the barista get? How many attendees brought their own cup? You can find all of the answers here (or click the screenshots to open on another browsertab):

NZ Marketing Leader's Summit coffe order analysis

NZ Marketing Leader's Summit coffe trends


Our barista dashboard is just a small window into what is possible when you collect and analyse the data your business generates. The next step is to use the resulting insights to help drive your business transformation.

Your data can sing, we can help you build a choir! 

If you’d like to know how we could help you get the most from your data, or you want to create your own coffee drinking Power BI visualisations, we’d love to hear from you.

This blog is part of the #datareimagine series. For more experts' insights, clients' experiences and to download our datasheets, click the banner.

For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download our datasheets, click the banner #datareimagine

Posted by: Zara Baker, Consultant, Intergen | 20 September 2019

Tags: Power BI, Data Analytics, Data Intelligence, AI, Artificial Intelligence, #datareimagine, #AIReimagine

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