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It’s time to modernise your ERP: here’s how

A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform can help your business identify new opportunities, grow safely and reliably, and outperform its competitors. If your old ERP system has been holding you back, here’s how you can modernise your ERP and watch your business take off.

Time to modernise your ERP.

The value of a platform approach

In the past, lots of businesses chose so-called best-of-breed or point solutions to run their operations. This delivered benefits in that it meant the business ended up with the most precisely-matched solution for its challenges in the days when most systems required a great deal of customisation.

However, this approach meant you had to manage a plethora of partners and vendors, which took time and cost money. And, it made it very difficult for your systems to integrate with each other. Your ERP system sat separately from your email system, which was siloed off from your sales management system, and so on.

This, in turn, meant significant duplication of effort, alongside inefficient processes. Users had to switch between different screens and different applications to complete basic business tasks. End of month reporting was a nightmare and getting real-time insights was impossible. Business decisions were made based on what happened in the past rather than on what was likely to happen in the future simply because there was no capability for predictive analytics.

Today, savvy business decision-makers are moving to a platform approach because it dramatically reduces cost and complexity. Working with one partner and one vendor lets you achieve the best, most integrated solution for your business.

By leveraging the Microsoft stack, you can access state-of-the-art ERP functionality alongside extensions that make it even more powerful, plus productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office, and additional services such as the Azure cloud and built-in security tools. Microsoft can deliver your IT needs from end to end and, because of the platform approach, you can save money on licensing costs.

Start with a strong partner

Unless your business has ERP expertise, it makes sense to partner with a provider that can help you navigate the complexities of ERP and find a solution that matches your business needs.

Empired has worked with hundreds of businesses like yours to take advantage of the Microsoft stack to solve challenges across the business, not just ERP-related. We’re a member of the Dynamics Inner Circle, which means we’re in the top one per cent of Microsoft partners worldwide. Put simply, we know Microsoft. That means you’ll get the best, most cost-effective solution available.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations

Based on the well-known Dynamics NAV framework, Microsoft has released two new all-in-one business solutions. Business Central is ideal for smaller and medium-sized businesses, while Finance & Operations is perfect for larger, more complex enterprises. Underpinned by powerful business and productivity tools that put all of your business operations at your users’ fingertips, these solutions are set to revolutionise the way people view ERP systems.

Find out more

This blog is part of a series on ERP Modernisation. To find out more about how Intergen can help you realise the benefits of a modern ERP solution, contact us today.

Posted by: Ulrich Theaart, Solution Specialist | 04 October 2018

Tags: ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Business Central, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Enteprise Resource Planning, ERP Modernisation

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