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The real reason you’re losing top talent before they’ve even started

Attracting and retaining the best talent is key to business success. And by focusing on creating a compelling employee experience from the very first moment a candidate makes contact with your organisation, you’ll be better-positioned to secure that candidate.

Social media is full of stories from jobseekers who don’t hear back from companies, or who experience haphazard communication that makes them think working for the company might not be worth the hassle. This failure to deliver a strong, positive experience during the recruitment process is causing your top talent to look elsewhere. And with so much competition for outstanding employees, your company needs to re-examine the way you attract and onboard new staff.

Effective onboarding isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore

Getting the recruitment and onboarding process right can have a dramatic and immediate effect on your bottom line. Consider these statistics:

Don’t rely on email and phone

Manual email and phone-based processes to set up interviews and call-backs, and follow up with candidates, creates opportunities for error, take too much time out of your day, and really drags the recruitment process.

An automated solution that compares the calendars of the relevant people and automatically schedules meetings and call-backs for the most appropriate times is far more effective. Tracking and automating all of these processes saves time and delivers a seamless and easy experience for candidates. And, this process should be visible to all relevant staff, including the manager and team that will work with the new recruit, not just the HR team.

Start onboarding before they’re on board

Onboarding should start before the employee shows up for their first day on the job. Using LinkedIn, people will be able to see who they might know at the company, as well as who they should get to know in their new role. This can help new recruits get a feel for the culture before they get their feet under the desk.

Automating basic onboarding processes such as provisioning equipment and systems access should also be accelerated so the person can start being productive from their first day at work, rather than waiting days or weeks for IT to set them up.

Things like training should be automatically put into people’s diaries, avoiding the endless back and forth as people try to find a time that works for everyone.

Automated onboarding results in 16 percent higher retention rates for new hires.

To win the race for the best talent, businesses need to enlist the help of smart HR solutions that eliminate silos and streamline and automate the onboarding process.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent can help

Dynamics 365 for Talent offers an amazing process from the perspective of a manager, interviewer, and interviewee. The entire process is transparent, easy, and online. So, rather than a constant email back-and-forth, setting up interviews happens simply and easily.

The integration of Dynamics 365 for Talent with LinkedIn also lets you mine your network and create talent pools rather than rely on reactive recruitment, which is an outdated approach.

As well as automating the on boarding process, Dynamics 365 for Talent makes sure every point of the process is tracked, managed, and visible at all times to everyone in the business that needs to know.

With Dynamics 365 for Talent, you can provide personalised onboarding experiences that minimise paperwork and get people up and running, and feeling like part of the family, sooner. From payroll setup to training and ongoing education, Dynamics 365 for Talent keeps your staff moving.

For example, you can help them make contacts in the organisation, provide information about your office location, transport guides, things to do in the area, and more.

When you provide a great onboarding experience that extends into an excellent employee experience, your business will be able to attract and retain the best talent, as well as make the most of that talent for outstanding business results.

Find out how to get the very best from – and give the very best to – your people with Dynamics 365 for Talent. Download our free independent report on Dynamics 365 for Talent today.

Posted by: Steve Scarbrough, General Manager Business Applications, Intergen | 12 April 2018

Tags: HRIS, Talent

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