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Five key benefits of undertaking a digital agility assessment

Digital transformation has become less of a buzzword and more of a business imperative as organisations in all industries begin to see the vast performance improvements they can achieve with transformative technologies.

The imperative for going on this journey is increasingly obvious. Businesses are being challenged and disrupted by a new generation of customers and employees that were born into a world in which they can manage their entire lives online.

Five keys benefits of undertaking a digital agility assessment

They’re used to digital tools for everything from choosing their classes at university and booking adventures and holidays to managing their social life, buying what they want, and keeping track of their finances. In fact, if you can’t do it or manage it online, chances are this generation isn’t all that interested in it.

A demographic that breathes digital

This demographic expects a better, more cohesive and individualised experience that doesn’t change regardless of which touchpoints and channels they’re using to interact with a company. They want to see content that’s relative to them, whether it’s a purchase suggestion, a discount offer, or a loyalty program based on their previous behaviour.

Companies that fail to do this will soon be forgotten, eclipsed by their savvier competitors.

However, businesses attempting a digital transformation that’s beyond their current capabilities may find themselves saddled with unsuccessful projects. A wholesale digital transformation is high-risk if the business doesn’t already have some digital capability in place.

To assess whether your business is ready to embrace digital transformation, you should consider undertaking a digital agility assessment.

Conducting a digital agility assessment starts with a comprehensive look at your current capabilities to identify opportunities for improvement and skills gaps that need to be bridged. It should be based on the business outcomes you want to achieve, and it shouldn’t be vendor- or technology-specific. Instead, it should take a holistic view of your digital maturity and give you a framework for deciding what your next step should look like.

Conducting a digital agility assessment can offer five key benefits

1. Gain a higher understanding

When you engage Empired to conduct a digital agility assessment, it’s not about finding a program of work to embark on. It’s more about gaining a higher understanding of where your company sits today and what it needs to do so that it can get to a desired future state.

This higher understanding may point you in an entirely different direction than you first thought. It may point you towards technologies you haven’t considered yet, or away from solutions that you thought would always be part of your stack. Gaining this higher understanding can free your business up from preconceptions and legacy approaches that could be holding you back.

2. Alleviate pain points

Every organisation has pain points, or barriers that are preventing it from reaching its objectives. The digital agility assessment is designed to identify those pain points and devise ways to overcome them. It’s not just about creating a long-term plan; it’s also about finding ways to generate more revenue right now.

3. Create more value, sooner

Every business has different requirements and a different journey towards digital transformation. It’s essential to be agile, responding to the market and customers as their needs evolve. The digital agility model approach encompasses design thinking that breaks work into small chunks, testing and evolving these solutions so that you can get more value, sooner. This is a far more effective and less risky approach than investing in a large, extended project only to find at the end that it’s no longer relevant to the business.

4. Enrich the customer journey

The main objective of a digital transformation should be to enrich the customer journey to make it relevant to each individual customer, leading to increased customer loyalty, longevity, and, ultimately, revenue.

The digital agility assessment helps you understand how you can become more customer-centric by understanding their journey and adopting the appropriate technology to optimise it and offer relevant experiences across channels.

5. De-risk transformation

The digital agility assessment helps de-risk transformation initiatives by giving your team a clear idea of where to start. Instead of becoming paralysed by the sheer scale of what’s required, the assessment helps you see exactly where to start and what value you can gain from these early activities.

Starting with an approach that achieves one customer or business goal at a time can help avoid those projects that get derailed by scope-creep. Staying committed to the outcomes you defined in the digital agility assessment helps avoid this and let you stick with a minimum viable product (MVP) approach based on what’s relevant.

This also opens up an opportunity to take a minimum viable team (MVT) approach to transformation that avoids pulling in a cast of thousands. Instead, you can have a core team that is cross-functional, represents the customer, and understands the MVP imperative. This team can drive projects and break silos, leading to more successful transformation initiatives.

Businesses are only just starting to scratch the surface of what’s possible with a strategic and realistic digital transformation approach. The digital agility assessment will help you understand exactly how to get to your ideal future state, while reducing the cost and risk involved in getting there.

This blog is part of the #datareimagine series. For more experts' insights, clients' experiences and to download our datasheets, click the banner.

For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download our datasheets, click the banner #datareimagine

Posted by: Richard Brown, Head of Digital and Experience Design, Intergen | 06 September 2019

Tags: Data Analytics, Data Intelligence, customer experience, #CXreimagine, #datareimagine

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