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What gets measured, gets managed

This quote by the late management guru, Peter Drucker, represents why most companies invest in analytics. This is exactly the reason why JUCY invested in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

From tracking its rentals using a whiteboard in the parking lot to a cutting edge real-time reporting and analytics architecture, JUCY has come a long way. The information architecture transformation we have seen at JUCY has helped support the growth of this iconic family-owned New Zealand success story, from a fleet size of 35 to more than 3,000 vehicles across New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

In an industry known for its pronounced seasonal and regional variations, numerous sales channels, challenges around reporting and timely forecasting, JUCY wanted a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that would help identify opportunities and inefficiencies quickly and proactively.

What gets measured, gets managed

We engaged with JUCY to develop and deliver a self-service BI environment and a series of executive dashboards which would allow JUCY to track business performance and KPIs, be proactive in assigning valuable resources and achieve greater business efficiencies through data insights.

Using an Agile implementation methodology allowed us to provide quick wins and incremental improvements, thus delivering value quickly to the business. This also enabled the team to get approvals from various sections of the business thereby increasing the scope of the solution in an agile manner- from a financial reporting perspective; the solution incorporated the customer satisfaction index reporting, real-time operational reporting, workforce analytics.

Apart from the technical aspects of the solution, another thing worth mentioning is JUCY has been able to achieve true ‘self-serve’ BI. I have seen end users generate their own PowerBI Reports, the CFO doing a deep dive into their costs all down to the rental car registration per hour, per day. This 'self-reliance' was possible because of Tristin King's drive (Head of Technology at JUCY), amply supported by our consultants at Intergen. Tristin has pushed each JUCY employee to become self-reliant to fulfil their reporting needs. 

Tristin’s vision has helped us in delivering a solution which has helped, and is still helping JUCY on its next growth journey.

Some of the features of the solution:

  • Company performance self-service portal and dashboard provides up-to-date information to company executives, reducing risk and allowing timely, data-driven decision making
  • Organisational insights are easily and readily accessible anywhere, from any device
  • Fully automated sales and financial reporting has eliminated manual data interpretation, freeing up time to focus on customer-centric, value add activities
  • Greater control and understanding around costs, reporting and business forecasting
  • Ability to look at collective organisational performance across all geographical regions or separately by country
  • Through greater visibility and management of vehicle maintenance, future BI work will see maintenance time and costs reduced, resulting in a 4% increase in revenue
  • Daily snapshots provide managers with an up-to-date view of performance at their site
  • ROI of up to $15 for every $1 spent
  • Fleet availability analysis
  • Daily information about reservations for JUCY’s branches
  • Sales, campaigns and promotions analysis
  • Performance analysis by agencies, cities and countries 

I remember Tristin mentioning once “A data-driven approach is part of everything we do now. There’s no end point – BI is now an integral component of the business, and a big part of what allows us to understand our business – and our customer – better

I think the quote applies to all companies. A data-driven approach is what helps an organisation make a difference in this highly competitive world.

If you would like more details please get in touch with us. We would be happy to show you what we have done for our clients and discuss how we can add value to your business.


This blog is part of the #datareimagine series. For more experts' insights, clients' experiences and to download our datasheets, click the banner.

For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download our datasheets, click the banner #datareimagine

Posted by: Nimish Rao, Practice Lead, Intergen | 13 July 2017

Tags: Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Insights, #datareimagine

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