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"We spoke. They listened" How one company is transforming the future with the guidance of its consumers

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Launch – industry experts outline the evolutionary next phase of NAV.



Today, consumers are no longer buying a product but are instead buying an educated solution to a researched business problem. As a result, relevance in the global market place is key, and what better way to stay relevant than to listen to your end users.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 launch outlines just that. Read below as Microsoft SMB Asia Pacific Lead, Frank Freitag, outlines the key updates and updates of NAV 2016 in three key points. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is quick to implement

It is a crucial need for business leads to streamline processes, focus on business development and expand their reach. NAV 2016 provides a live integration with CRM, natively works with Azure SQL Extensions and produces a ready to use demo site.  In essence, end users feel as though they are using the one system for all of their business functionalities. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is easy to use 

The Universal App, being one of the 60+ new NAV 2016 features, streamlines the application’s responsiveness by switching from desktop view to tablet, smartphone and notebook automatically.  With all desktop functionalities, including customisation of pages, Dynamics NAV 2016‘s mobile device access provides users an “at your fingertips”, end-to-end experience on the go. 

Listening to customer wants has been a key in developing the new mouse scrolling mechanism, whereby users have the ability to scroll through views instead of clicking. In addition, live access to BING maps provides an integrated customer centric view, making life more simple and efficient. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has the power to support

Industry trends illustrate that organisations are heavily relying on technology to track projects, expenses and billings. This indicates that internal stakeholders are looking for effective solutions. Employees no longer want to spend countless hours shifting through submitted invoices to source codes. How does NAV 2016 solve the problem? Easy. With a simple backend plug-in workflow, images can now simultaneously be translated and fed back into internal systems; saving time, money and dramatically increasing efficiency. 

Visibility into all elements of project delivery and client life cycle leads to better decision making. Imagine a system that automatically creates insightful dashboards of projections, current business financials, or a comparison of service delivery and time efficiency. With the brand new NAV 2016 and Power BI integration, users have immediate access to business performance insights and the means to modify dashboards accordingly to team or individual preferences.

Posted by: Nazli Aktac , Marketing & Communications Coordinator  | 24 November 2015

Tags: ERP, Dynamics NAV

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