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A Level Above: Dynamics NAV Mobile Approvals

As a Dynamics NAV user, have you ever asked...

  • CAN our expense approval process be extended to include non NAV-users?
  • WHY can't we mirror out line of business-based delegated authority rules?
  • IS there a way to speed up the approval cycle?
  • HAS my manager received my purchase approval request?
  • WHAT expense commitments have wqe incurred today?

Organisations have reaped many benefits from Dynamics NAV's document approvals funcationality.  However, those benefits can easily be lessened if:

  • Line managers don’t want to become “NAV users”.
  • Approvers are mobile and do not have ready access to Dynamics NAV. This is especially problematic when approval is urgently required.
  • Interruptions and delays occur when the immediate approver is not available or on leave.
  • A document needs to be resubmitted for reapproval every time the purchase amount is updated.
  • There’s a need to change between companies to approve documents held in different NAV companies.

Empired’s new Mobile Approvals module is designed to eliminate these pain points. Not just reduce, but eliminate. Here's a key points overview of what the solution can do:

Extend approval to non-NAV and mobile users

Your line managers can now approve or reject sale and purchase documents direct from their smart phone or tablet or other mobile device via email. When the requestor submits a document for approval, the email notification sent to the line manager contains a summary of the document, buttons to approve or reject the request, and a hyperlink to open and view the document in NAV.

Dynamics NAV Mobile Approvals

Reflect line-of-business based authority rules

You can use Global Dimension 1 to specify line-of-business based delegated approval limits and workflow routing rules.

Improve business processes and productivity

  • Email notifications are sent to requestors after the order/invoice has been approved or rejected, advising that the document is ready for further processing.
  • While you set up the user leave calendar, each new approval request will automatically re-route to the substitute approver.

Dynamics NAV Setup User Leave


  • Across-company approval can be performed from a document approval page within just one company. This includes viewing the document, approving/rejecting/delegating, and adding approval/rejection comments.

Dynamics NAV Multi-Company Approvals


  • You can set an approval tolerance limit to reduce the need to resubmit documents for reapproval when the amount is updated. Documents will be automatically released if the new amount is within the user’s allowed approval tolerance. If the tolerance is exceeded, only the difference amount – rather than the whole document – is submitted for reapproval. 

Improve visibility of departmental expenditures

A daily approval summary email can be sent to users to provide better visibility of department expenditures.Dynamics NAV Approval Summary Email Notification


In summary, the Mobile Approvals extension not only complements standard Dynamics NAV functionality but, based on the experience of several clients, improves efficiency, productivity, visibility and control over business processes.

For more information, contact our team to discuss your requirements and how Mobile Approva;s can meet your business needs. 

Posted by: Nastassja Hong, Consultant, Dynamics Solutions NAV | 25 August 2015


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