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Life After COVID – three key focus areas for Data & AI leaders to consider moving forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major disruption and an impact to most things we know; our daily lives, food shortages, uncertainty in global financial system, loss of productivity across all sectors, shutdowns and isolation, major strain on health system and infrastructure, and saddest of all – loss of lives. We live in an environment that is unsettling and uncertain. As we continue to stay current and up-to-date through monitoring social media, news channels, and chats via mobile interactions, we rely on data to stay up-to-date: information we consume and information we produce. ... read full post

Posted by:  Leo Kozhushnik , Data & AI Lead Strategist |  30 April 2020

Data Analytics, Data Insights, Dynamics 365, Customer insights, #datareimagine, COVID-19, #ReimagineWork

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