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Cloud voice versus on-premises voice: what are the benefits?

Voice over IP (VoIP) phones have been gaining traction in business for at least the past decade but some businesses aren’t certain whether to move to a cloud-based or hosted VoIP phone system.

An on-premises system can seem more reliable for companies that depend on telecommunications and can’t afford downtime. But that may be more perception than reality.

Cloud voice versus on-premises voice: what are the benefits?

What is a cloud-based voice solution?

A cloud-based voice solution is one where the business uses the internet to deliver voice services and, therefore, doesn’t require complex telecommunications equipment on-site. This means your business can save the cost and time it takes to maintain an on-premises telephony infrastructure.

Cloud services provide all the core telephony features you’d traditionally receive from regular phones, with the added bonus that your team can make phone calls from any device including IP phones, Microsoft Teams Rooms, laptops, and other mobile devices.

Importantly, voice communication via the cloud comes with enhanced security and compliance features including encryption and call detail recording.

Microsoft offers calling plans in Office 365 in Australia, working in partnership with Telstra. This gives you a simplified yet powerful telephony solution across your organisation.

It’s an intuitive system that connects your staff with each other as well as external contacts consistently and reliably. It includes:

  • voice functions including hold, transfer, forwarding and voicemail
  • contact and presence information including who is available and how to best contact them
  • a single number reachable on all devices
  • one business number replaces the need for landlines and mobiles

Microsoft’s cloud-based solution lets you run reports, so you know how many active users you have, how many sessions have been held, and more. With the combined service level agreements (SLA) between Microsoft and Telstra, guaranteeing 99.9 per cent uptime, cloud-based telephony is just as reliable, if not more so, than on-premise solutions.

And, if you’re not quite ready to move away from an on-premises solution yet, you can opt for a hybrid approach.

Why choose a cloud-based telephony system?

A cloud-based telephony system provides all of the core functionality of an on-premises system and then some. It empowers and liberates your workforce to be more mobile and collaborative at the same time. With a single platform for all communications, it’s easy to find and contact people, collaborate with them, share information, and make decisions, and it can all happen regardless of where those people are in the world.

There are ten key benefits of switching to a cloud-based phone system with Microsoft 365:

  1. Simplified phone services with security built in.
  2. Full calling capabilities including voicemail
  3. An exclusive telephony partner in Australia (Telstra)
  4. Strong collaboration features including full calling capabilities in Teams
  5. Ability to monitor and report on voice systems
  6. Time and cost savings by not having to manage on-premises infrastructure
  7. Centralised administration to manage users more effectively, including provisioning phone numbers within minutes
  8. Ability to call using any device from Teams/Skype room systems to laptops and mobile phones
  9. Ability to request and reserve new phone numbers from Telstra (in most areas)
  10. Identity management with phone numbers linked to Azure Active Directory identities

Cloud-based telephony systems can help you ensure your teams are closely connected and able to collaborate seamlessly and intuitively.


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Posted by: Lakmal Galappaththi, Practice Lead | 18 October 2019

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