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How to manage your journey from Skype to Microsoft Teams

If your business relies on team members to work together even though they’re not necessarily all in the same place all the time, then you’re probably familiar with solutions like Skype for Business. 

How to manage your journey from Skype to Teams

Skype was a breakthrough in connecting people instantly, giving them a virtual meeting room.

However, Skype for Business seems almost quaint compared with Microsoft Teams. Teams is the new collaboration tool that will take your team members where they’ve never been before. Unprecedented functionality and connectedness make this the ultimate way to bring people together in one hub, no matter where they are in the world.

For businesses already experiencing exceptional collaboration and communication with Skype for Business, Teams provides a whole new level of capability.

It gives team members access to each other and to the information they need in new, exciting ways that facilitate stronger teamwork and better performance.

Why should your business upgrade from Skype for Business to Teams?

Improved IM and chat capabilities

Teams doesn’t just let you communicate via instant messaging. It includes threaded and persistent chat with add-on apps, Gifs, calendar meetings, and filesharing. This makes you more productive in one place.

Better meetings

With Skype you could have professional online meetings with desktop sharing, audio, web and video conferencing, and meeting recording. Teams takes it further with:

  • desktop and window sharing
  • audio, web, and video conferencing
  • filesharing within conversations
  • co-authoring in real-time using connected Office and other apps
  • cloud recording of meetings with transcription and translation.

Streamlined collaboration

While Skype provided Office integration and connected meeting experiences, Teams streamlines collaboration and improves teamwork with a true chat-based hub that lets you work in a more open, fluid, and digital environment. Some of the ways Teams helps improve collaboration include:

  • ability to search for content, files and people
  • track project chats, notes, files, and meetings all in one place
  • built-in apps provide easy access to SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, Planner, and more
  • you can communicate directly by @mentioning and tagging team members.

Strong security and true mobility

Teams is built with enterprise-level security from Office 365, which lets you access it on any device without worrying about how secure your conversation will be. Teams encrypts all data at all times, at rest and in transit, with multifactor authentication to protect users’ identities.

How Empired can help

Empired is uniquely placed to help you manage your journey from Skype for Business to Teams.

Empired has employed highly-experienced advisors with expertise in both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. In fact, we’ve been on the Teams journey with Microsoft from the beginning, including evaluating both platforms against our customers’ needs. Consequently, no one is more capable than Empired when it comes to illuminating your path from Skype to Teams.

We combine this Teams knowledge with unparalleled expertise in areas such as Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, security, voice, and video, to bring you the best and most useful business solutions.

We also know that shifting from one trusted solution to another can be daunting for your staff. Our mature change management practice is well placed to help you manage this change effectively so you can have your staff up and running on Teams quickly.

To find out more about how we can help you leverage this unparalleled new solution, contact Empired today.

Posted by: Lakmal Galappaththi, Practice Lead | 20 August 2018

Tags: Collaboration, Microsoft Teams, commuication

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