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Top 6 New Features for Marketers in the Episerver Fall 2015 Release

Episerver, a provider of digital content, digital marketing, and digital commerce solutions, announced the Fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. The Fall Release empowers marketers, merchandisers and digital developers to instantly realise their brilliant ideas through a super productive people-first technology platform. "We're working to diminish the difference between the creative concepts our users have and their ability to execute them”, said James Norwood, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategy for Episerver.

Empired got hands on with the Fall 15 release at the Ascend 15 conference this week and below lists our top 6 features in this release for marketers. 


New Projects functionality provides team collaboration and project management tools to coordinate, streamline and, most importantly, better manage content development activities. Create corporate campaigns faster by creating, editing, previewing and publishing multiple content items at once. More than a content staging platform, it offers marketers and merchandisers much needed visibility of all content projects in progress, there by managing multiple campaigns simultaneously with independent scheduling and parallel project management. It also delivers the ability to comment and collaborate with colleagues, assign workflow, track revisions, and preview and publish content.  

New Forms

This release has an entirely new Forms engine and builder for marketers, where building forms is possible using drag and drop based on blocks that can be shared, extended, translated and targeted. Also new in this release is added validation and conditions to fields, enabled to connect to marketing automation, CRM, or other 3rd party systems. Multi-step forms with customisable workflow is also supported and Forms are Campaign ready now. Campaigns are a collection of content to achieve a goal such as purchase, download, page visits, contacts and more.

Commerce Campaigns

Enabling greater responsiveness and performance in digital marketing efforts, the new digital commerce campaign functionality enables marketers to organise commerce activities into campaigns. This allows the user to assign unique business rules, easily define discounting and promotion logic, and apply key performance indicators (KPIs) to each, in support of agile marketing activities and campaign optimisation. 

Instant Templates

Creating campaign ready pages has never been easier. Marketing and web editors can quickly create their own templates to speed up content production, avoid repetitive tasks, and create a library of re-usable components. This streamlines page creation and increases brand consistency.

Digital Experience Hub Connector for SharePoint 2013 

Instantly connect Episerver to SharePoint, including O365 & SharePoint 13, to integrate your internal repositories with your customer facing site. This allows asset libraries in SharePoint to be mirrored in Episerver, working with custom lists and libraries, and the adding of custom processing of items. 

Commerce Quick Start

The new "Quicksilver" commerce best practice reference implementation framework enables organisations of any size to quickly get up and running on the capabilities of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Quicksilver’s reference architecture includes shopping cart, check out, search and indexing pre-configuration, which significantly reduces time to value.Looking further ahead beyond the Fall Release is a truly exciting roadmap of new capabilities including: 

1. Extending marketing campaigns with more fluid goals beyond a commerce transaction to include, for examples, download, page views or contact goals.

2. Enabling cross channel campaigns and ROI metrics to get a better view of which channel is performing better for your business.

3. Social updates for comments, ratings, reviews, groups, and activity streams.

4. Profiles, which are a record of behaviour kept for a specific visitor, continue to develop with Data Analytics for a repository of information about the type of visitor and action taken over time. It also includes segment advice to help decide what to do with the data you have.

5. Upcoming Journey Metrics to present the Journey most frequently travelled, and Predictive Modelling working with analytics to support smarter decisions on the Journeys being offered.

About Episerver and Empired

Episerver connects digital commerce and digital marketing to help organisations create unique digital experiences for their customers, with measurable business results. The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ combines content, commerce, multi-channel marketing, and predictive analytics in a single platform to work full-circle for organisations online; from intelligent real-time personalisation and lead-generation through to conversion and repeat business, with unprecedented ease-of-use. Founded in 1994, Episerver has offices in Australia, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK and the USA. For more information visit www.episerver.com

Empired has a 10 year partnership with EpiServer with over 80 web experiences delivered in Australia and New Zealand. 

Posted by: Katie Scott, National Business Manager - Portals and Productivity Solutions | 13 November 2015


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