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Coca Cola as a Service? - Round up from Day 1 of the EpiServer Ascend 15 conference in Las Vegas

The Ascend 2015 conference marks the first large-scale collective gathering of Ektron and EPiServer customers; almost two thousand attendees are in attendance. It is designed for digital transformation executives, commerce leaders, campaign marketers and merchandisers, content managers and authors, and solution architects and web developers.

The first Keynote was delivered by Mark Duffell, the CEO of EpiServer. Mark shared with us highlights of Epi’s transformation and investments over the last year, which saw a 40 year history of 2 good companies (Ekton and EpiServer) merging into one great one. 24% of staff are currently involved in R&D, with a 70% year on year increase in cloud deployments. 8800 customers globally use EPiServer to power 30,000 web experiences and $2b worth of commerce transactions!  

James Norwood, EVP Strategy & CMO delivered the second keynote and discussed Market and Product strategy. He opened with an anecdote from Apple’s recent decision to merge their online store with product pages in a web site redesign. Content and commerce on the same page seems obvious but is indicative of the maturity level in the market.  

Today’s CMS’s are here to deliver highly personalised experience on every step of the customer journey. MITSloan & Deloitte 2015  were quoted; “Higher maturity organisations differentiate themselves by using digital to transform their business, allowing them to move ahead of competitors.” Copenhagen Airport (CPH) implemented a 2 year strategy using EpiServer that now allows it to realise 50% of its revenue from retail. Through investment in E-commerce, customers are making purchases before they arrive and pick up product in store. Other investments have included self-service check in and digital signage that changes depending on facial recognition of passer by gender.

EpiServer Market and Product Strategy

A Press release today announced EpiServer’s Fall 15 release bringing together the best of EpiServer and Ektron, plus Major New Capabilities into Single Next-Generation Cloud Platform. What does it mean for business? Epi envision a future where you can instantly realise brilliant ideas. Two customer examples illustrate the potential: 

Janome: Since building an online community, Janome have made the customers the heroes and realised a 163% increase is site visits, and 678% increase in page views. Janome chose EpiServer for scalability as many of their subsidiaries also wanted to use the platform, and with a faster time to market with development so they can spend more time on content. 

Mud Pie: Mud Pie wholesale sells gifts to 16,000 speciality retailers. Their web site was confusing to customers with many different paths to purchase. They chose EpiServer for personalisation and its ease of maintenance.  Since choosing EpiServer for their online platform they have enjoyed a 200% year on year revenue increase. 

Next, the Director of Global Presales at EPiServer, Jeff Wallace’s presentation focused on the EpiServer Digital Experience Cloud, and how predictive real time algorithms make big data personal. Machine learning brings together implicit and explicit information for delivering particular content to the right person. 

This was a great segue to the guest key note speaker, whose energetic presentation called out for deep personalisation using customer insights to design systems for customer segments of one.  Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman at Constellation Research, whose talk was titled “Winning in the new post sale, on demand attention economy” discussed new unit cost pricing modes enabling disruptive business models. See the graphic below taking the “As a Service” model to new levels. Would you pay $25 a week for unlimited sips of Coke?

Distributing Digital Business

Tomorrow we will hear from EpiServer’s CMO James Norwood and Guest Keynote; ‘Unthink: Rediscover your Creative Genius - by Erik Wahl’. 

Posted by: Katie Scott, National Business Manager - Portals and Productivity Solutions | 11 November 2015


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