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How to convince your boss you need a modern workplace

Modern challenges need modern solutions and the workplace is a prime example. The days of sitting in a cubicle and working on projects alone are long gone, and the workplace needs to reflect the changes required for a productive environment. The right digital tools can connect and support you and your colleagues by making collaboration, engagement, and productivity simple and powerful.

How to convince your boss you need a modern workplace

It may be an important driver of office productivity, but workplace modernisation is often put on the backburner because it is low on the priority list. However, modernising your workplace can help your organisation overcome issues such as inefficiencies, lack of effective communication, lower productivity, and even poor morale.

Managers often struggle to see the value of a modernised workplace because they’re focused on keeping costs low. Therefore, anything that looks like it might require an investment is unlikely to pass muster without a strong business case. To some managers, it can seem that modern workplace tools are a luxury that the business can ill-afford.

To overcome this, it’s important to make the benefits of a modern workplace crystal clear.

We’ve outlined just five of these benefits to help you start a conversation with your boss about the importance of a modern workplace:

Streamlined communication and collaboration for better project outcomes

Communication across all levels, departments, and locations can be made easy with streamlined collaboration tools including messages, meetings and file sharing. Getting everyone on the same page and hitting their deadlines is easier when there are tools to help manage their work. You no longer need to spend as much on employee travel when they can work as though they were in the same room using shared online workspaces.

Increased flexibility so the best talent wants to work for your business

With work no longer tied to a physical location, your business is free to hire the best talent for the role, no matter where that person is. This can make a significant difference in your ability to get important projects done on time, deliver high-quality work, and delight your customers. Attracting and retaining the best talent in a competitive marketplace can be a key differentiator. Offering modern workplace tools can help you stand out from the crowd. If your local staff want the flexibility to work from home or other locations, they can do that, too.

Security is assured even as people work from disparate locations  

Letting people work from remote and disparate locations is essential in a modern workplace but it can present security issues, especially if you’re relying on email and mobile phones to get the job done. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a modern workplace solution that has security built-in. Modern security solutions let teams collaborate, communicate, and share information securely from anywhere in the world, using any device. 

And, in a cyberthreat environment where ransomware and data breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent, it is reassuring to know that your company’s information is securely stored and protected by industry-leading security measures.

People can make smarter decisions, faster, with improved access to data

Organisations are increasingly data-driven, but making sense of data and deciding how to act based on insights can be time-consuming and require specialist skills. Modern workplace tools overcome this challenge, democratising data and putting valuable insights at the fingertips of everyone who needs them. This means decision-makers can act fast based on real-time information, leading to improved performance that shows on the organisation’s bottom line.

One platform with one licence makes management easy

Modern workplace tools need to be simple to manage and delivered over a single platform to avoid introducing unnecessarily complexity. Microsoft 365 E5 delivers everything a modern workplace could need, from basic Office 365 applications to comprehensive collaboration and project management tools. It puts all your team members in close contact with each other, facilitating seamless work in one intuitive platform.


This post is part of the Modern Workplace blog series. At Empired we have great depth of experience in helping organisations on their journey to creating a modern workplace. Talk to us to find out how we can help you get started.

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Posted by: Jaen Snyman, National Business Manager Cloud Design and Integration | 24 September 2019

Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Workplace, Collaboration, Modern Workplace, #workyourwaysecurely

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