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How to leverage your existing investments to improve your security posture

Some businesses mistakenly think that implementing comprehensive and proactive security solutions requires a large investment of both funds and time. 

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Often, businesses are already paying for the licenses they need and just need to turn on specific functionality in the solutions they’re already using.

It is possible to improve your security posture without increasing your investment.

For example, Empired has worked with organisations that hadn’t previously focused on IT security and were keen to move to cloud services. In at least one instance, migrating to Office 365 and moving some workloads into Microsoft Azure for compute and storage let the business identify certain threats and attacks.

Identity compromise and data breach required immediate action

The business approached Empired for a security evaluation and it was immediately apparent that there was an identity compromise at the heart of these attacks. The business was previously unaware that this was the case.

Some businesses mistakenly think that implementing comprehensive and proactive security solutions requires a large investment of both funds and time.

On further investigation it became clear that there was some data exfiltration happening, which required immediate action. This was a new experience for this organisation, which had no way to understand its security posture previously. Empired brought in some Microsoft tooling to overcome the lack of visibility.

As a listed company, the data exfiltration was a significant issue that needed to be elevated to the board, and legal advice needed to be sought. Within days, Empired had uplifted executives to multifactor authentication, addressing some of the identity issues.

Defining the roadmap and leveraging current investments

Empired then continued to refine the roadmap in terms of a secure IT vision and the solution components needed to improve the organisation’s resilience to the threat.

The organisation was able to leverage its current licensing to start with, and Empired showed it how.

Because the initial attack started with a phishing attack, Empired began an anti-phishing campaign for the organisation’s employees to ensure everyone was educated about the risk and how to avoid falling victim. Empired ran various training sessions in multiple locations on various platforms including videos etc. Empired also rolled out multifactor authentication to all remaining users and there was strong awareness in the organisation that this was important.

Empired then further progressed the safety of the organisation’s endpoints despite the organisation not having a defined standard; some endpoints were on Windows 7 or 8 while others were on Windows 10. Now, Empired has introduced the right tooling for the organisation to easily and quickly move to the latest version of Windows 10 across the business.

Future plans include even stronger security

This upgrade to Windows 10 has let the business start to classify data and implement strategic data protection to minimise leakage. The engagement is ongoing and will continue to strengthen the organisation’s security as various additional elements are addressed.

Empired focuses on pragmatic and straightforward common-sense advice that organisations can act on to protect themselves. Using existing Microsoft tools can help organisations quickly uplift their security posture, while upgrading those tools can lead to massive security improvements.

How Empired can help

Empired can help map the timing and priority of these upgrades to your organisation’s risk profile and available resources.

Empired is a Microsoft Gold partner and a member of the Microsoft Red Carpet. This gives us early access to IP, lighthouse engagements, and direct access to program managers so we can influence product development. When our clients face unique issues, we have access to Microsoft experts who can help us solve them for you. We’re focused on Microsoft solutions exclusively, so we have the expertise and deep knowledge to help you get maximum value from your investments in Microsoft licenses.


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This is part of the Security Readiness series, discussing how cloud computing is transforming the way that organisations deliver business solutions to their workforce. To find out more, talk to us.

Posted by: Gavin van Niekerk, Principal Consultant | 17 September 2018

Tags: Security, Security Readiness, Threat landscape

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