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Five reasons to choose Microsoft 365 for your modern workplace

Microsoft 365, the world’s largest software productivity suite, is so well-established that it is sometimes easy to overlook its capability to enable secure, flexible and collaborative work in your organisation.

Five reasons to choose Microsoft 365 for your modern workplace

With that in mind, this three-part blog series will delve into how you can make the most of Microsoft 365. Welcome to ‘Contoso’, a manufacturing company with a sizeable sales and support divisions that has used Microsoft 365 to as the foundation for a true Modern Workplace.

Meet Daniel, Contoso’s Human Resources Manager.

As Contoso is a large, multi-national organisation, Daniel needs to be able to communicate and collaborate with teams across the world, often in different time zones.


Typically, Daniel starts his day at home. In the past, he might have needed separate email, messenger and calling apps to get work done. Today he can use one app, Microsoft Teams, to respond to important messages and chats, review documents or make a video call with international colleagues.

He finds that having one consistent experience and access to information on his phone, tablet and desktop devices helps him to be flexible and work effectively from anywhere. Even when he travels and is offline, the information he needs is available on all his devices.


The Microsoft 365 apps have a persistent, “sticky” capability to remember what Daniel was working on and can offer suggestions as to where to continue work.

As his team often works with external parties, having a shared collaboration space in Microsoft Teams has reduced the dependency on email and file shares. His team can now co-author content in real time with colleagues and external partners, which has significantly reduced the time to produce, review and approve information.

His team has found it simple, with minimal training, to use "Power Automate” to automate business processes which would otherwise have required considerable manual effort. He is now able to quickly review and authorise resourcing and financial requests submitted through online forms, presented to him directly in Microsoft Teams. This has cut down the amount of email he receives and provides much better visibility of business processes.


The HR team often deals with sensitive, personal information, so it’s essential this information is protected wherever it is; inside or outside of the organisation. Daniel’s phone acts as a quick and simple authentication device, to allow him to connect to the apps and information on Microsoft 365.

Using Microsoft Teams, Daniel works on a remuneration review which he then shares with colleagues, by mentioning their names in a comment within the document: “@Miriam Graham, this is the remuneration review for your team. Please review and comment by Friday. Many thanks”. Miriam will receive an automated notification, by email and within Microsoft Teams. Daniel is confident in the security of the document, because Office 365 Information Protection services will automatically protect the document, allowing only authorised people to view it, even if it leaves the organisation.


As Contoso operates internationally, including Europe, it must comply with GDPR legislation relating to personally identifiable information (PII), such as passport, drivers’ license or national ID cards. As Daniel’s team works on documents, Microsoft 365 scans the content in real time and alerts them to the presence of PII, suggesting sensitivity levels to support GDPR compliance. Other legislation requires Contoso to keep information for a minimum period after which it should be disposed of. Again, Microsoft 365 can automatically identify, protect and dispose of this information in compliance with the legislation.


Contoso is a large organisation. Daniel’s team is responsible for the smooth on-boarding of new employees. Microsoft 365 provides quick and simple access to all the apps and information required for new employees, simply by creating a new entry in the corporate directory. Microsoft 365 licensing is flexible and can be increased, decreased, upgraded or downgraded according to the needs of the organisation.

Daniel’s day managing human resources at Contoso is usually jam-packed, but Microsoft 365’s security, flexibility and collaboration tools means he can head home knowing he’s had a productive day, whether he spent it in the office or on the move.

In the next two parts of this blog series, we’ll meet Daniel’s colleagues at Contoso and look at how the Modern Workplace helps them collaborate and improve productivity.

Read part 2 in the blog series – How you can enable a modern workplace through mobility.


This post is part of the Modern Workplace blog series. At Empired we have great depth of experience in helping organisations on their journey to creating a modern workplace. Talk to us to find out how we can help you get started.

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Posted by: Doug Baxter, Solution Specialist | 05 December 2019

Tags: Security, Digital Workplace, Collaboration, Modern Workplace, #workyourwaysecurely, data security

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