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How you can enable a modern workplace through mobility

In this second part of our three-part blog series on using Office 365 to build your modern workplace, we’ll take a look at enabling the modern workplace through mobility.

How you can enable a modern workplace through mobility

We are back at ‘Contoso’ the large, multi-national manufacturing company with a high percentage of field workers across sales and technical support divisions.

Contoso shares several challenges common to many organisations with a dispersed workforce. Many employees do not feel they are fully engaged with Contoso, returning infrequently to the office and feeling “left out”.

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Others are frustrated by the complexity of finding information when they’re out in the field. This situation has resulted in a high degree of “shadow IT”, with employees using cloud services which are unknown to Contoso, to form their own ad-hoc collaborative groups and store information. This in turn raises business risk and compliance issues, some of which have impacted customers.

Some clients have received contracts based on old contract templates, some customer information has been disclosed, and other information has been lost when employees have left the organisation.

To help address this, Contoso has commenced a Change Management strategy to ensure employees’ problems are heard, understood and addressed. From a technical perspective, Contoso plans to implement Microsoft 365 to provide a modern workplace which is secure, flexible and collaborative.

Calls & Meetings

According to a 2018 report by Forrester, effective and efficient online meetings saved an average 1.41 hours per week for the 3,000 knowledge workers surveyed. This success was attributed to the intuitive nature of Microsoft Teams which saved employees between five and 10 minutes in setting up the calls. Teams offers HD video conferencing as well as instant messaging and screen sharing tools for ease of use for employees. The report concluded that, over the three years of the study, an estimated total savings of US$5.1 million was achieved just through efficient use of online meetings.

The adoption and usability of the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools also means that organisations could replace up to an additional 76 trips per year, with online meetings, according to the Forrester research. The report also reveals that the organisations surveyed had saved a total of US$112,000 over three years, just on travel expenses alone.

Secure access to work from anywhere

The Forrester report also found that end user security and compliance across the surveyed companies also greatly improved. Microsoft 365 can give IT managers real-time control over organisational documents. This means that, if a laptop or other work device is lost or stolen from an employee, settings can be quickly changed to block any accessibility to company documents. Two-factor authentication can also be used to secure documents to ensure that all documents are properly secured.

The use of BYOD is also growing among offsite employees, which can present a problem for organisations when it comes to controlling the security of their documents. Microsoft 365 uses a unified endpoint management solution, allowing employees to enrol their devices to gain access to company files with a range of security measures to ensure that the device is properly managed.

Collaboration options

Microsoft 365 offers a range of collaboration options, including “Yammer” for enterprise-wide discussions, “Teams” for business and project team collaboration, and “Kaizala” for those field-worker employees who don’t have or use a corporate account, such as contracted service engineers.

Kaizala is a chat-based service designed for mobile devices. Users simply download the app, create an account using their phone number and are then ready to start collaborating with any other Kaizala users. They can chat, make voice and audio calls, receive company information, share photos and complete task checklists. The advantage for Contoso is that, unlike other consumer-focused social apps, Kaizala has a management capability to manage membership, control functionality and ensure data governance.

This combination of flexibility to suit different employee personas, built-in security and extensive collaboration options means that Microsoft 365 will be a great fit for Contoso’s needs.

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Posted by: Doug Baxter, Solution Specialist | 05 December 2019

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