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Education NZ improves collaboration and staff engagement

Education New Zealand (ENZ) is a government agency established in 2011 to support the growth of international education and promote New Zealand as a study destination for international students. ENZ’s head office is based in Wellington and has 90 staff members across 21 locations and 16 countries.

Improving access to information

ENZ depends on timely access to and exchange of information to successfully position New Zealand’s education options to its target markets. However, this was made difficult by the fact that ENZ was using shared drives to store its content. The Wellington file server alone contained more than 50,000 folders, many of them containing just two or three files. To be able to get the right information at the right time was a challenge, so staff members resorted to saving documents on their desktops.

It was clear ENZ needed a better solution. In 2015, the business was introduced to Intergen, Empired's New Zealand operation, a Microsoft partner that offered an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that would replace ENZ’s shared drives. The solution, called Cohesion, created a shared platform to allow staff members collaborate, communicate, and easily share information regardless of location.

Built with Microsoft technologies, Cohesion helps public and private sector organisations meet their content, collaboration and information needs. Available as-a-Service from Intergen and offering a choice of private, government and public cloud platforms, Cohesion provides a secure, easy to use, enterprise-grade service that’s accessible from anywhere.

Cohesion offers a highly collaborative and rich user experience, in which compliance and records management processes are handled in the background. This means the burden of data organisation and classification is borne seamlessly by the application rather than the user.

Cohesion was so successful for ENZ that, in 2018, ENZ decided to upgrade to the cloud with Cohesion 365 and replace the intranet at the same time.

Lift-and-shift migration project leverages SNAP 365

SNAP 365 modern digital intranet

ENZ had an intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 which was a static, nonresponsive, one-way communication channel. It was time to provide a more modern way for staff to stay in touch on a single, centralised platform where offshore and onshore staff are able to easily engage and interact with the content. And, it was time to leverage the cloud for improved access and management of information. ENZ decided to move to Office 365, leveraging Empired’s accelerator tool, SNAP 365.

SNAP 365 allows organisations to leverage the full benefits of Office 365 quickly and easily, bringing all of its features together in one place, accessible from anywhere.

The project was a lift-and-shift content migration from SharePoint 2016 to Office 365 plus integrating Cohesion 365 with the modern digital intranet, SNAP 365. Intergen was given four months to complete the migration and replace the intranet. Fortunately, there were no changes to the information architecture design, making the short timeframe possible.


Following the migration, ENZ staff members start their day with a modern intranet enabled by SNAP 365, which encourages staff to discover new and relevant content and promotes communication, collaboration, and interaction among the geographically-dispersed team.

ENZ now has an up-to-date document management system with a modern, intuitive, user interface, making it easy for staff members to find exactly the information they need, when they need it. It doesn’t matter what device people are using, they can leverage Office 365 productivity tools via the cloud, leading to effortless collaboration and mobility.

Staff members across the world also feel more informed and connected through their use of Yammer and Stream, which create connections regardless of distance.

By working with Intergen, ENZ has reduced its reliance on multiple vendors and on-premise servers, and has streamlined maintenance with upgrades and patches happening automatically and seamlessly.

The solution has provided mobile responsiveness with anywhere/anytime access even for offshore workers. This has overcome ENZ’s previous connectivity issues caused by on-premise infrastructure.

Importantly, Intergen provided a solution that offers tight integration with other Microsoft products including Dynamics 365 CRM.

Working with Intergen

ENZ chose to work with Intergen again because the team is familiar with ENZ’s unique requirements and environment. Having already delivered a successful Cohesion project, it made sense to work with Intergen again to not only upgrade Cohesion but to modernise the intranet.

Intergen doesn’t just build solutions for our customers then leave them to it. We go on a journey with our customers every step of the way, providing expertise and support to ensure customers get the best outcomes from their investment.

To find out how Intergen can help you drive your business collaboration and communication platforms forward, contact us today.

Posted by: Dharmistha Patel, Senior Consultant | 23 May 2019

Tags: Education, Snap 365

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