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How the modern workplace is creating security risks that you need to address now

In the truly digital world we now live in, work takes place everywhere the workers are. People are accessing systems using remote devices and connections that could be out of your control. Information is often stored on a combination of cloud-based and on-premises servers and accessed by anyone with the right credentials. 

How the modern workplace is creating security risks that you need to address now

For a chief information officer (CIO) or chief information security officer (CISO), not to mention every member of the board, this new reality can be terrifying.

While it’s essential to move with the times and empower employees to be productive anywhere, managing the security risk that comes with all this mobility can seem overwhelming.

Threat vectors 

The obvious risks can include employees using unsecured devices or public Wi-fi to access company networks, systems, and documents. However, there are also phishing risks that come with a geographically-distributed workforce.

For example, when junior employees receive emails that are purportedly from senior staff instructing them to transfer funds or purchase gift cards, they can’t necessarily pop into that colleague’s office to confirm the request is genuine.

The proliferation of email-based conversations can make it harder for inexperienced staff members to spot phishing attacks. This makes them more likely to transfer funds or divulge access credentials without even knowing it.

With employees dotted all over the map using any number of devices on various networks, CIOs and CISOs can be hard-pressed to keep track of it all.

This makes it absolutely essential to implement strong security measures without delay.

It can be tempting for security-conscious businesses to simply put a stop to mobile working and implement strict access controls over company information. However, this could negate the very real benefits of a mobile, modern workforce and stymie company productivity and growth. So, there needs to be a better answer.

Your work, your way, securely 

Fortunately, the best modern workplace solutions incorporate strong security measures that strike a balance between being overly restrictive or unnecessarily permissive.

Microsoft is spending more than US$1 billion a year on security measures so that organisations of any size can embrace the modern workplace without undue security concerns.

Using Microsoft 365, you can:

  • safely empower your workers to access sensitive information from any device
  • secure business data at rest and in transit, even on personally-owned devices
  • defend against malware, phishing, and other types of cybercrime
  • work productively with security solutions that protect you without getting in the way.

To compete effectively in the modern era, you need to embrace the modern workplace. With the right security solutions in place and built-in from the start, you can do so without putting your organisation’s sensitive and valuable information at risk.


This post is part of the Modern Workplace blog series. At Empired we have great depth of experience in helping organisations on their journey to creating a modern workplace. Talk to us to find out how we can help you get started.

Your work, your way, securely

Posted by: David Caddick, TS - Enterprise Solutions - Cloud Design & Integration | 23 October 2019

Tags: Security, Digital Workplace, Collaboration, Modern Workplace, #workyourwaysecurely, data security

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