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How IT insights can help define business strategy

If you view your IT team as nothing more than technical support you may be overlooking a critical resource for providing organisation wide insights.  

Today’s organisations are increasingly reliant on IT systems for both delivery and back office functions and this organisation wide engagement means that the IT team is uniquely placed to provide evidence-based insights.

Three key reasons why you should incorporate IT insights into your business strategy planning process include:

1. Information. IT teams have access to organisation-wide information and the talent to deliver this information through informative reports, discussion papers, policy papers and executive briefs on domain or system issues. The insights gained form this information can be used to improve overall business processes, not just IT processes.

2. Business case creation. IT can help to support and verify management decisions with business cases that make strategic recommendations for best practices.  Difficult executive decisions, such as to buy or build systems, have technical risks associated with them that can, in the worst case, translate into business risks.  A good IT team is able to describe these risks in a manner understandable by the executive in order to facilitate informed decision making.

3. Business model verification. IT skills in low-value, high-volume payment systems can help to verify the organisation’s cost-benefit and operational models.  This is especially true where an operational model is reliant on utility functions such as cloud computation and unexpected transaction costs can have a significant impact on margin.

Posted by: Darren Christophersen, General Manager Modern Workplace, Digital, Data & AI | 10 August 2015


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