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Solving commercial property management nightmares with Property Management 365

We have all experienced the frustration and time wasted on managing the day-to-day job or business through multiple different systems. 

Entering information in one place, swivelling the chair and entering it again somewhere else. Trying to put together a report quickly when the data is in three systems, two spreadsheets, and the boss’s head. Taking enquiries from customers and staff and having to painstakingly trawl through multiple enquiries and reports, and then make two phone calls just to answer the simplest of queries.

Couple this with the fast pace of technology in general, with the rise of social media, mobility, and customer engagement expectations and sometimes you feel like you’re stuck in a “Groundhog Day” nightmare. The commercial property sector is no different.

Finally, a single point of truth: Property Management 365

Empired’s new Property Management 365 offering for commercial property managers brings together familiar Microsoft software apps such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and SharePoint document control with world-class property management and financial apps, based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

If, like most property management organisations, you’re already using Microsoft Office apps, you can now seamlessly integrate these tools with business apps covering lease administration, renewals, lease billing, maintenance work orders, lease portal, financials, and reporting and analytics.

Finally: a single view of all customer and property information, which is available on a range of mobile platforms. It’s all delivered with the familiar Microsoft user interface, on PC or mobile devices, and eliminates the costs and complexities of interfacing data and processes between multi-vendor software packages.

It’s time to wake up from the nightmare and take a look at PM365 from Empired. Contact us now to find out more about Property Management 365.

Posted by: Craig Keenan, Practice Lead ERP  | 12 July 2017

Tags: Property Management, Property Management 365

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