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Software Solutions for Formation Evaluation in 2017

On Thursday September 7, Empired attended the 2017 New Technology Forum at Woodside Plaza in Perth, Western Australia. The annual event focused on Software Solutions for Formation Evaluation and was hosted by the Formation Evaluation Society of Australia (FESAus). The event was well attended by both services companies and operators from the energy sector. 

The forum was opened by Tin Conway, Woodside Petroleum’s Lead Petrophysicist, with a welcome to country and outline of Woodside’s key driving themes as innovation, collaboration and acceleration. Conway said that he saw the future of petrophysics in the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the industry. He hopes that through events like New Technology Forum, Perth, with our world-class natural resources, will become a hotbed for innovation and growth within the global petrophysics community.

A total of eight presentations were given over the afternoon, ranging from cloud-based petrophysics workstations from Halliburton, to the full integration of Geological Process Modelling with Reservoir Modelling by Schlumberger. Other presentations of merit were Lloyd’s Register (formally Synergy) IP Platform, Paradigm’s Image Texture Recognition developments, Weatherford’s Imaged Data Analysis toolkit, and Baker Hughes’ (now a General Electric company) Resistivity Log Data Inversion in High Angle Wells.

From speaking with those that attended, a common theme was the conscious shift towards cloud computing by the service companies with both shift-and-lift and cloud-based design strategies being employed. It was evident that the services companies (some with 30,000, 50,000 and 110,000 employees) are championing a rapid transition to cloud-based computing and machine learning within the energy sector in search of improved efficiencies. Herein lies an opportunity for Empired, an established player and subject matter expert, to collaborate and enable the less nimble operators and producers within the energy sectors also succeed on their journey towards cloud-based computing. All in all it was a successful event and great to see excitement around evolving technologies and new innovations within a suffering Western Australian sector.

FESAus (a SWPLA Chapter) has been hosting an annual New Technology Forum for more than a decade now. Additional information can be found at www.FESAus.org.

Posted by: Callum Rideout, Business Analyst Enterprise Solutions | 13 September 2017

Tags: Cloud, Cloud Platform

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