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8 Reasons to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

We’ve been asked “Why upgrade to SharePoint 2016?”. Here are our Top 8 reasons for your consideration.

  1. You currently have SP2007 or SP2010 and you aren’t supported. That’s a no brainer.  But what if you have SharePoint 2013?
  2. SharePoint 2016 is faster and easier to manage. Microsoft’s experience from hosting SharePoint has brought all that knowledge and innovation to SharePoint 2016. Using MinRole, SharePoint automatically configures the services on each server based on the server's role, and the performance of the farm is optimized based on that topology.
  3. Data Loss Prevention is now part of SharePoint.  You can now identify, monitor for, and protect sensitive data across SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online, and One Drive For Business using SharePoint 2016.  
  4. Hybrid is the new black. We now live in a cloud based technology world. Do you have the SharePoint Online/One Drive For Business license in O365 but no leverage it as much as you should? Or maybe don’t know how to leverage it?  Using SharePoint 2016 you can take advantage of Cloud Hybrid Search, Delve, Hybrid Sites, Groups, Profile Redirection and more running SharePoint in hybrid mode. Hosting your index (not your content!) in the cloud you can display all of your results on one page without the need for Result Blocks.  Results from O365 and on-prem will be listed happily together, by relevancy, and it’s all encrypted by the crawler
  5. Durable Links. Previously, moving files to a new location or changing a file name broke your link. Bookmarks, links sent in emails and embedded in word docs were all rendered useless. Now move files wherever you like and your link remains valid. It may seem like a small thing but to end users this is a big deal.  And yet another reason to move off of file shares.

New functionality will be also released, always building on the value of the platform for your business – and there is even more to come. 

Empired are the largest Microsoft-focused specialty consulting organisation in the Asia Pacific region, and as part of that have achieved the highest levels of certification and recognition for SharePoint and Office 365. Empired is part of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council (PAC) program, which is an ongoing, strategic business forum between the executive leadership of Microsoft and a select number of authorised Microsoft partners, with a strong influence within the customer community, often delivering leading edge solutions to customers.

Empired have been the first to successfully help customers all over Australia with live deployments of SharePoint 2016. If you are interested in hearing more about how we can use this experience and expertise to help you with your next SharePoint upgrade, please contact us.

Posted by: Bruno Lanceleaux, National Architect | 03 May 2016

Tags: SharePoint

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