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You've finished implementing your CRM system. Now what?

If you have implemented CRM and are now thinking about what’s next, you are not alone. 

Customers around Australia have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars - maybe even millions - on CRM systems. Sure, you will see that the programs have automated some of your business processes and you may be seeing streamlining and improvements in others; you’re starting to get value. Your people are using the systems and the reports you’re getting make sense and are helping you improve your knowledge of your customers.

But if you’re starting to think more broadly than CRM, data and analytics could be the next part of your value chain.

At Empired, we are finding that our customers and other companies are talking about how people are:

  • Manually merging CRM information with other data sources to make more sense of it;
  • Applying new business rules to data to improve its quality and make it more relevant to them; and
  • Buying Business Intelligence and Data Discovery tools to help them analyse the data. Different departments use different tools and there is some duplication in the data they are looking at.

IT teams, particularly those with a strategy and bent on architecture, are talking about organisation data warehousing and big data programs, but are struggling to get sponsorship and a business case. Everyone knows that they should do something, but they are not sure about how to approach the opportunity and what the first steps look like.

The Empired Data Insights team have a depth of experience in helping customers use data to accelerate the value they can get from their investments in CRM and other core systems. We are fundamentally focused on helping our customers:

1)      Get answers to key business questions quickly and easily

2)     Interrogate the data in an ad hoc manner and to find answers to questions that may not have been previously considered, and

3)     Use advanced analytics to mine data and predict the likelihood of critical business events occurring so action can be taken.

Whether it’s helping customers construct a business case or data strategy, or whether the focus is on delivering big data and advanced analytics solutions, Empired consultants are passionate about how data can help you transform the way you do business and improve your customer experience.

Empired Data Insights team is a national team that fundamentally believes that there is untapped value in every organisation’s data assets. We pride ourselves on being able to do this for our clients.

More and more, businesses are realising the value from their data assets. Whether it’s about tracking customer behaviour through digital channels, achieving 360 degree visibility of your customers or using advanced analytics techniques to rationalise your costs, using data inside and outside of your organisation has never been so important. Gartner tells us that 50% of CIO’s spending in 2015 was BI/ Analytics related*. Other researchers tell us that the CFO’s, CMO’s and CRO’s now spend even more than their IT counterparts.

Empired has been delivering Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions to our customers for years. We’ve delivered solutions that help our customers retain their customers, save money, achieve compliance and reduce risk.

Whether the solutions you need leverage big data and advanced analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems or whether you need to simply streamline a set of dashboards and reports for your manager, Empired's Data Insights team can tailor a solution that fits your business needs.

*Gartner Executive Programs. Flipping to Digital Leadership: Insights from the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Report

If you’ve enjoyed this article and want to have an exploratory conversation about how Data Insights could be help your business, feel free to contact Empired.

Posted by: Ben Johnson, National Business Manager, Data Insights  | 13 January 2016


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