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Secure from the start

As we grapple with this question it is best to focus our efforts on changes that will maximise our security posture as we consider our risk profile and what we are driving towards - a reduction to our risk exposure profile. 

Business should focus first on securing access for privileged accounts, as these pose the most exposure if compromised. The focus must be sure to include all components namely, on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployments. It is imperative that new deployments are evaluated to ensure they are considering and even better implementing this from the start.

“Secure from the start” is always an easier position than trying to retro-fit after the fact.

Why should we secure access for privileged accounts?

To articulate this further, privilege accounts are the “keys to the kingdom” used to administer and manage key IT systems in a business. Malicious actors, who create attacks in various forms such as cyber-attacks will most often target admins accounts and accounts that have delegated privileges to gain access to sensitive systems and data.

For more information about the latest threats to endpoints and the cloud, see the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

The intelligence that informs this report comes from security-related signals from the consumer and commercial on-premises systems and cloud services that Microsoft operates on a global scale. For example, every month we scan 400 billion emails for phishing and malware, process 450 billion authentications, and execute 18+ billion webpage scans.

What to use?

Microsoft provides the following enterprise solutions for securing access for privileged accounts for on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployments:

Still too hard?

With so many different considerations for IT security, it just too hard to have security lifestyle. Empired Ltd delivers solutions as “secure from the start” and help business to drive the security lifestyle for future and exiting solutions.

Posted by: Alan Schmarr, Practice Lead | 28 March 2018

Tags: Privacy, Security

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