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Meet Intergen’s new Data and AI National Practice Lead – Adele Marshall

Following 20 years working in data, business intelligence and analytics at the likes of Woolworths, Southern Cross, Sovereign and Vodafone, Adele Marshall is now bringing her considerable experience to businesses large and small as Intergen’s data and AI national practice lead.

Adele Marshall at Intergen

What brought you to Intergen?

AM: I’ve had a varied career with ‘in-house’ positions as well as working for consulting partners. Twenty years ago I was part of the Y2K panic, beavering away on SAP implementations. Since then, I’ve worked with start-ups all the way through to big listed companies, revamping their data warehouses and implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Intergen’s close team and positive culture made it a place I wanted to join. But Intergen is also famous for its implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365. I saw a great opportunity to help customers create value from the data captured in Dynamics, which really is an incredibly powerful platform. Traditionally customers have been provided with operational reporting and dashboard solutions as part of theses implementations, however our Data & AI team has a lot of experience with modern data warehouse, strategic analytics and AI solutions, which I saw could be well utilised by so many of our customers.  

What are the big issues organisations face when it comes to data and business intelligence?

AM: Regardless of industry, what I see all too often is that data is under-utilised in a business value sense. A lot of effort goes into the transactional systems used in the value chain to generate the data. But it isn’t harvested and analysed in a way that can create data-driven insights for the business.

That’s because many organisations don’t have the right foundational platforms, processes and people capability to make the most of their data. Excel ‘spreadmarts’ are still very much alive and well! There are better ways to get the most out of their data assets and I enjoy helping our customers unlock the potential.

So how do you help an organisation get the best out of its data?

AM: My approach is to help them take a top down view of data, analytics, and AI. We look at the organisation’s strategic goals and the key problems they need to solve in both the short and long term. Then they can gather and analyse the data which would be required to provide the actionable insights and informed decisions needed to achieve those strategic goals and solve those problems. 

Good data and analytics grow from a programme of work that matures in line with the organisation’s capability. It is not a one-off project. It begins with planning the foundations and capabilities carefully, from data governance and ownership, to building people capability and ensuring data quality. It can encompass advanced analytical techniques, intelligent predictions with AI and machine learning.

With a plan in place, we can use a practical roadmap to build the required capability incrementally as the organisation matures in its data utilisation. Often, running smaller specific projects in parallel with a longer-term foundational programme, is a great way to demonstrate some value quickly, but with the longer-term vision in mind.

What are you doing at Intergen to help customers to unlock the potential business intelligence and data analytics?

AM: We’ve created a great starting point to help our customers understand the data they have – we call it the Data Detective. It involves a concise top-down engagement where we quickly understand and define the high-level data domains important to the business, and create a score card which covers off data accessibility, utilisation, quality and integration.

This concept was born a few years ago when I was head of data and analytics at a large organisation and the CEO asked me, “Adele, where is our data and what value can we create with it?”. 

This is, I believe, a question all organisations should ask in the modern era of digital, data and AI. 

When the detective work is done, the Intergen team can present proactive recommendations and an actionable roadmap to work to. We can then follow through with a detailed strategy and roadmap engagement which covers off actions for strategy and governance, people, process, technology, and data management. 

We are already realising the power of Data Detective to help our customers go on journey that results in them gaining true insights from the data they are generating. I can’t wait to help more of our customers do the same.

This blog is part of the #datareimagine series. For more experts' insights, clients' experiences and to download our datasheets, click the banner.

For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download our datasheets, click the banner #datareimagine

Posted by: Adele Marshall, Practice Lead, Intergen | 02 September 2019

Tags: Power BI, Data Analytics, Data Intelligence, AI, Artificial Intelligence, #datareimagine, #AIReimagine

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