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Travis Barker

Group General Manager, Data & AI

In his role as Group General Manager, Travis leads the strategic alignment and operations of our Data & AI practice – ensuring our customers maximise the competitive advantage they gain from the investments they make in Microsoft technologies. Whether that be discovering competitive insights to improve sales performance, or optimising operations through intelligent process automation, the goal is always the same – to deliver tomorrow’s advantage today.

With more than 17 years’ experience specialising in data analytics
and business intelligence, Travis has a deep appreciation of the value
that can be gained from a well-considered and expertly crafted
analytics capability.

When not thinking about data and AI, Travis can often be found reliving his youth on the local cricket pitch, finding fresh tracks on the ski field, or searching for his golf ball in the rough. His favourite past-time, however, is supporting his three young kids in their chosen hobbies and adventures.

Travis Barker

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