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Josephine Poirrier

General Manager, Business Applications, Australia

In Josephine’s role, she heads up Empired's Australian business applications team, harnessing technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and the Power Platform to create and maintain successful business outcomes.

Josephine has over 20 years’ experience in business applications organisations and creating growth in many varied and challenging environments. She thrives in environments where successful customer focused solutions are delivered to the client. Josephine enjoys the tactical nature of implementing systems and witnessing the real-world impact that is experienced. She enjoys contributing to the growth and longevity of a business in a short term and long-term context.

Her extensive experience in varied settings, such as start-ups and large corporations, has enabled her to learn how to enact growth on a large scale and ensure the longevity of the business. She enjoys a hands-on approach and loves establishing solid working relationships with her clients.

Josephine is a huge advocate for women in tech and enjoys seeing the presence and contribution of women in the technology field. She is also a believer in a whole team contributes to the success of the organisation and loves fostering a strong, customer focused team environment.

She thrives on learning new skills and stepping up to challenges to grow both personally and professionally. Fitness is also one of Josephine’s passions. When Josephine is not helping clients being the best they can be, you can find her trying to master sports such as surfing and snowboarding or another activity that can challenge her already impressive skill set even further.

Josephine says:

 ”Now more than ever, having business systems agility for a unified enterprise view is critical for the success and future growth of organisations. Accurate decision making is underpinned by the simple connectedness of data and processes, which can only be achieved when the business environment is fully integrated with security at the core."


Josephine Poirrier

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