Our Microsoft Partnership

We are one of the largest and longest serving dedicated providers of Microsoft-based solutions, working exclusively with Microsoft technologies.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with numerous Gold and Silver level competencies, and as a regular winner of Microsoft Partner Awards, we are proud of and stand by our reputation. We employ some of the greatest Microsoft experts around. We work closely with Microsoft – both locally and globally – on the latest technologies, often well before these are unveiled to the wider world. And finally, we’ve delivered hundreds of successful Microsoft-based projects for national and international organisations of all sizes and types.

What’s in it for you?

By working with us, you work with experts who are internationally recognised for our knowledge and experience in designing, creating, implementing and supporting Microsoft-based solutions. Our experience reduces the risk to you and helps increase the return on your technology investment.

Why do we work exclusively with Microsoft technologies?

Our relationship with Microsoft is more than just a nice-to-have credential; it’s a relationship built on numerous years of trust and mutual cooperation. Our decision to build and deliver solutions based on Microsoft’s technologies is a deliberate strategy to lower risk, maximise business benefits and put you in touch with the latest technologies through one of the largest teams of Microsoft specialists in the Southern Hemisphere. In getting the earliest possible access to new technologies, we can forecast the best path ahead for your business. And because we are working with a global market leader, you avoid the technical and financial risks associated with depending on a hot today, gone tomorrow technology. Working exclusively with Microsoft’s tools and technologies ensures depth and breadth of capability and understanding not possible in a mixed technology environment.

Where does our Microsoft expertise lie?

We work on the complete Microsoft 'stack' at the application and platform level, integrating Microsoft solutions right across your enterprise.

Global expertise, available locally

To make sure we’re bringing you the most up-to-date in Microsoft thinking, we participate at Microsoft events and deliver Microsoft training around the world. Whether it’s presenting on the local or international circuit, Empired is always across the latest developments, hearing Microsoft executives present the current vision and associating with other experts in these fields. By working closely with Microsoft personnel on a daily basis, we stay connected. And by staying connected, we keep you connected.

Our commitment to early adoption

Our team is constantly testing and evaluating the latest Microsoft technologies before they become more widely available. The chances are we’ve seen a new release – or even contributed to it – before it’s available for general consumption. Want to know what’s on the horizon or what is in store with an upcoming release? Ask us.

What qualifies us?

We have achieved several Gold level competencies which represents the highest level of competence with Microsoft technologies and officially validates our most recognised areas of expertise. We have several Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) on staff, who are exceptional technical community leaders who share their high quality, real-world expertise in offline and online technical communities around the world. In addition to this, our staff undertake Microsoft exams, certifications and related professional development so that our toolsets are kept sharp. We also have a number of v-TSPs (virtual Microsoft employees) and MCMs (Microsoft Certified Masters - the highest technical accreditation Microsoft has awarded) as part of the team.

In addition we have also won a swag of Microsoft awards and international recognition such as Inner Circle and President's Club.

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