Our Culture

At Empired, we have one unwavering, audacious goal: That everyone, every day is touched positively by the things we do.

We apply this to every project we undertake for you, our client, but it starts from within. Empired’s culture comes down to our people, and we’re lucky to have talented and passionate staff who love using technology to make a real difference. It’s not just a job to us.

It may sound clichéd, but we believe we change the world, one customer at a time. Our projects make a real difference to our customers and in turn to their customers. Our people don’t just focus on innovative technology, but on how we are changing our customers’ world.

We’re here to find and create real world, real business solutions. We like to see our solutions in action. We live for the ‘lightbulb’ moment and the breakthroughs that help us improve and redefine the world of commerce as we know it.

The Empired Essence

Some key attributes of our culture...

  • Openness, trust and support in all of our relationships.
  • Nurturing talent and expertise. We encourage and respect mastery across all our technical, business and creative skills.
  • Passion and enthusiasm. We care about the technologies we work with, but we care about what they enable much more. We thrive on creating and implementing great business solutions.

Our values

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