Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft Identity Manager provides self-service identity management for your users, automated lifecycle management across heterogeneous platforms for your administrators, a rich policy and workflow framework, and detailed audit capabilities

Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager delivers self-service identity management for users, automates lifecycle management across heterogeneous platforms for administrators, and provides a rich policy framework for enforcing corporate security policies.Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 allows you to simplify identity lifecycle management through automated workflows and business rules, and provides easy integration with heterogeneous platforms. You’ll empower people with end-user self-service capabilities embedded in Outlook or delivered via a familiar SharePoint experience, and be able to improve security and compliance with auditing across identities, role-based access control, and deep role discovery.

Common identity is an important tool in ensuring appropriate access to corporateinformation. Without an efficient method of establishing and maintaining a commonidentity across complex heterogeneous systems, significant challenges arise. These caninclude high help-desk costs for password resets and smart card deployment, loss ofproductivity as users struggle to access the resources they need, and serious risk to thebusiness due to noncompliance with internal and external regulations.

Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 helps you resolve these issues by providingself-service identity management for your users, automated lifecycle management acrossheterogeneous platforms for your administrators, and a rich policy framework for enforcingcorporate security policies and detailed audit capabilities. 

Empower people

Productivity suffers and your IT costs go up when users have to call the help desk toaddress common identity management problems such as resetting a password. FIM 2010R2 provides a self-service portal and embeds capabilities in common Microsoft Office toolsso users can readily access the services they need, when they need them. Enabling usersto solve simple problems like these quickly and easily both improves user productivity andincreases user satisfaction.

Self-service portal. With the FIM 2010 R2 portal, administrators can define policies thatallow users to remediate identity issues themselves—updating their identities, managinggroups, and resetting passwords across all of your organization’s systems.

Easy-to-use interface. The FIM 2010 R2 interface makes tasks like resetting a PIN or apassword very simple. Common user management experiences are integrated into theWindows operating system, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint collaborationsoftware so users can easily create an email distribution list or add others to a group. 

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