Enabling automotive businesses to achieve high performance

Businesses in the automotive industry are increasingly faced by the challenge to improve efficiency, reduce costs and respond rapidly to changing industry and customer demands.  At the same time changing demographics and new technologies offer a wide range of opportunities.  Combining industry and business process knowledge as well as extensive technology know-how, Empired, in partnership with Incadea, implement comprehensive and flexible software solutions for a range of automotive businesses - importers, dealer networks and aftersales fast fit. 

Where does Empired come in, and how can we help?

Empired's industry solution for automotive business are incadea.myengine and incadea.fastfit.  Implementations of these solutions have consistently been shown to increase business agility, increase customer satisfaction and improve internal business operations, while minimizing costs and risks.  The net effect of which can be to significantly improve an organisation's bottom line result. 

Empired has over 7 years' experience providing and implementing ERP solutions in Australia.  Our dedicated team can discuss your requirements and how the incadea.myengine solution can fit your business needs.  Review the attached case studies to see how other companies have benefited from implementing incadea.myengine. 

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