Systems Integration

Bringing systems together to harness the power of emerging technologies.

Modern IT landscapes are diverse and consist of many different systems residing both internally within an organisation and externally with partners, suppliers, customers and members. Emerging technologies are further diversifying IT landscapes - organisations are now deploying systems in the cloud, connecting customers and employees with mobile applications and social media, and now have access to more data than ever.

System Integration delivers additional value from these systems by bringing them together as a cohesive system that surfaces the valuable data within the underlying systems in an easily accessible manner that drives organisational agility.

System Integration is not just about software or a set of tools; it’s a business competency and a strategic approach that is vital for any organisation’s success. Empired are recognised as experts in implementing integration solutions and leverage partnerships with leading integration platform vendors to provide a full end-to-end integration consulting service.

Empired provide expert advice in the areas of:

  • Application Integration: Bring your systems (on-premise, off-premise and hybrid) together as a cohesive system that surfaces your valuable data in an easily accessible manner that drives organisational agility
  • Enterprise Messaging: Reduce the time, complexity and cost of interoperability by bringing systems together on a common messaging backbone
  • Master Data Management: Control data quality and enforce data management and governance processes to attain a single trusted version of your data
  • API management: Expose your data and services with an approach that enables you to build and test APIs, define run-time governance policies, migrate APIs between environments and monitor and report on API usage
  • Business Process Management: Define, optimise and automate your business processes across multiple systems
  • Complex Event Processing: Capture and aggregate real-time and historical data to gain contextual awareness and act pre-emptively
  • Monitoring and Management: Gain visibility into applications and processes across the enterprise to quickly identify problems and potential problems and intelligently respond

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