Spatial Services

Unlock the potential of spatial information within your business.

Spatial or ‘location’ data is buried within every business data store.  It can be as simple as an address or coordinate in an Excel spreadsheet, or as complex as a fully attributed spatial object in a geodatabase. Until recently this specialised data has been kept in a cloistered environment separate from general business data, managed by GIS specialists and disseminated through specialised geospatial software tools. 

Improved storage and extraction technology means that this data can be very simply integrated with other data sets to become a key part of your business productivity solutions by providing an extra dimension to your analytics calculations.  This allows simple and effective visualisation of data for search and retrieval, and display of analytics outputs through dynamically themed maps.


  • Integration of geospatial data into CRM and BI solutions in conjunction with Empired’s Business Analytics specialists
  • Customised solutions on proprietary and open source software platforms such as ESRI and Geoserver
  • Software installation, administration, upgrade and maintenance
  • Managed services – hosting of your GIS environment, solutions and data in the Empired Cloud

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