Mobile Solutions

Ensuring the right information is available when you need it, wherever you are.

Mobile solutions, either stand-alone or as a component of your larger IT strategy, can help your organisation improve its productivity and responsiveness and allow real-time decision-making and actions. Why wait until you return to the office when you can engage whenever and wherever you are?

Empired is a specialist in the design and delivery of complex mobile applications that support your enterprise line of business applications.

Whether you are looking for a custom application to improve workforce productivity, or a packaged mobile solution to enable your distributed workforce to be productive when on the road or when moving around, Empired can work with your organisation to determine the optimal mobile solution. Such a solution could be achieved through any of the following approaches, used on their own or in combination:

  • Custom application development: Empired has worked with many leading organisations on the design and delivery of custom mobile applications. Our flexible approach to design and implementation allows us to prototype and deliver solutions that work on the leading mobile platforms
  • Packaged client sourcing and development: As a leader in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, Empired has partnered with several leading providers of mobile client software for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, allowing key business processes to be performed using a mobile device. Furthermore, by taking advantage of our custom development capabilities, we can also develop custom interfaces to the processes implemented, and the data stored, in these line of business solutions
  • Mobile user interface design: Within our user experience design team Empired has capabilities to design smartphone and tablet application user interfaces and experiences, and to design and extend your website to support rendering on mobile devices of all kinds
  • Mobile collaboration and communication: Solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer and Teams, enable your organisation to work together in a more timely and efficient way, accessing the information you need when on the go, and communicating with customers, colleagues and partners more effectively when both inside and outside the office

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