Desktop Deployment

Desktop deployment can create a drain on IT resources and can prevent IT from meeting the rest of the organisation's demands. Our desktop deployment service enables our customers to deploy Microsoft technology across their enterprise. We have experience in all sizes of implementations on both a regional and national scale

Desktop Deployment Offers Endless Benefits

Whether you are preparing to roll out Windows 8, Office 2013 or wide scale hardware upgrade, our Desktop Deployment services can provide a smooth transition for your company's IT advancement.

We have the required training and certification to deliver Desktop Deployment Services to Microsoft's standards and specifications. With years of experience, having deployed hundreds of thousands of desktops, we can help your organisation maximise their technology investment.

Manage Your PC with Desktop Deployment

Our desktop deployment will help you manage your new or existing desktop environment to realise long-term operational benefits and savings.

Our solutions reduce the cost, risk and complexity of deploying desktops (virtual or physical) and applications while improving security and ongoing manageability of the environment.

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